Seven Tricks To Stop Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is considered a vice, a habit, or a way to control your nerves. There are many theories about it and various studies to stop it. In some cases, you will require the advice of a specialist doctor.

If you are already determined to try to stop biting your nails, you have an idea of ​​the main reasons you bite them. Some methods have been successful in many people who bit their nails, and in this article, we will indicate some of them try to put them into practice.

Keep your Nails short

If you keep your nails short and make a plan to cut them every so often, it will be easy for you to stop biting them, basically because when you put your fingers in your mouth, there is nothing to bite.

When this happens frequently, the stimuli that induced you to put your fingers in your mouth will gradually disappear. This is why we previously indicated that you have to have a systematic plan to cut your nails. They grow day by day, help yourself with your mobile and tell you every three days, for example, to check the size.

Have a visit to the Manicurist

If you keep your nails always groomed, painted, and look attractive for natural reasons, you will avoid biting or eating them.

You can do this yourself, one of your friends, or you can treat yourself to an appointment with a good manicurist so that they can leave your nails beautiful, tidy, and striking. If it works for you, go at least every two months and keep them healthy and beautiful.

Spice up your Nails

In the same way that you tried to make the child not suck his thumb and put some bitter or unpleasant flavor on it, it can work if you are one of those who bite your nails frequently.

Try placing somewhat bitter, unpleasant flavors. You can also use some spicy when you put your fingers in your mouth. You will feel the taste and remember that you should not bite your nails—a relatively easy and very economical technique.

Find techniques to manage Stress

It is proven that many people when they go into crisis due to stress, bite their nails until part of their fingers is bloody, which happens to adults and young people, and children.

When you feel that stress invades you, look for activities that allow you to eliminate it, do some sports, look for a game that you know can de-stress you, listen to music that you like, relax your body and do deep breathing exercises.

Try always to stay Active

Look for any activity you feel can help reduce stress, check if there is something you can repair, look to paint something, keep your hands busy. This will prevent you from taking them to your mouth.

Ladies can look for something to knit or sew, do some work with plastic putty, find their husbands, and try to cook a special meal together.

Count the times you Bite your Nails

A slower but very effective method is to make a log that counts each time you bite your nails. You must be aware and take it with excessive control. If you forget to register some, this method will not give any results. You will be amazed to see how many times you did it, and day by day, you will see that the number will go down.

Use your phone’s camera, and every time you bite your nails, take a photo and put it in your status. The images will not be pleasant and not aesthetic. You will also have the responses of friends indicating how ugly they look.

Put on Gloves, Stickers, or Tape

Not every cosmetic has worked for quite a few people and is generally more effective when you have somewhat elevated stress levels. Put on some gloves that do not prevent you from performing routine activities, and you can also use a cloth bandage.

It has also worked by placing a band of adhesive tape on each of your fingers and some colored stickers; they will help you not to bring your nails to your teeth.

Take care of your Nails

Nails are an attraction for every lady, and they also reflect neatness and elegance in both sexes. Let’s always keep the nails clean and dry, thus avoiding the formation of bacteria and fungi that could cause an infection. Visit a good manicurist from time to time to leave them fixed, without any detail.

Use protective gloves when you have to work with chemicals, somewhat abrasive soaps, and various products on the market used for household cleaning. When you trim your nails, do it around their tips. Use creams indicated to keep your hands and nails hydrated; this will also facilitate the removal of cuticles. If your nails are brittle, look for a nail hardener on the market.

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