Semi-Permanent Nail Polish – Here’s How To Apply it Yourself In 4 Simple Steps

A guide to always having tidy hands without having to resort to a beautician or specialized centres

Having well-manicured hands is a great calling card in any situation, and nails are certainly one of the most prominent parts. After a flawless manicure, the choice of nail polish is a fundamental step, but usually, normal nail polishes keep their brilliance, colour and flawlessness only for a few days. If you, too, are tired of the usual nail polishes with a minimum duration, which force you to touch up your manicure every three days, maybe it’s time to try semi-permanent nail polish. Practical, long-lasting and affordable, it can be easily applied even alone; moreover, it is easily removed, unlike gel reconstruction, which is decidedly more demanding and invasive.

So here are all the tips and tricks to apply semi-permanent nail polish on your own, quickly and easily!

Semi-permanent nail polish

The semi-permanent polish is a photocuring gel product, which can be considered a middle way between the gel and reconstruction in the common nail polish; it can be applied on natural nails or reconstructed nails and, just like traditional enamels, it allows you to range between colours and patterns, from the most classic to the most elaborate and trendy ones.

Finally, you can decide to apply the semi-permanent nail polish alone or contact a beautician’s professionalism. In the latter case, the cost may vary from about 15 to 35 euros, but your only thought will be choosing the colour that most you like.

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Semi-permanent DIY nail polish: 4 steps for flawless nails that last for a long time

The steps for the application of the semi-permanent nail polish are four and rather simple: it is, in fact, four passes between the base, coloured nail polish (twice) and the final base. To get a perfect result, remember to perform a good manicure before applying the DIY semi-permanent nail polish, removing the cuticles and filing the nails into the shape you prefer.

Here are all the steps to apply semi-permanent nail polish perfectly :

  • Prepare the nail by opacifying it with a white buffer, then apply a transparent base coat (base-finish) and insert your fingers into the UV lamp (the exposure time will depend on the specific brand and is usually indicated in the instruction booklet, but of usually 10 to 15 seconds of exposure are enough);
  • Now, spread the glaze you have chosen and, after another pass of the lamp, proceed with the second layer of colour. Then switch back to the UV lamp ;
  • Then, spread the fixative (top coat) and use the lamp again ;
  • Finally, finish by decreasing the nails with the cleanser or cuticle oil.

How to remove semi-permanent nail polish

To remove the semi-permanent nail polish, start by filing the nail on the top to remove a good layer of nail polish; then pass the solvent, soaking the cotton wool and leaving it to act for a while so that it can more easily dissolve the residual enamel. If the enamel layer, weakened by the file, still struggles to disappear, you can also wrap your finger with the cotton swab in aluminium foil, leaving it to act for 15 minutes ( this kit includes as many as 200 pre-soaked sheets!).

At the end of the operation, I advise you to let your nails breathe for a while so as not to excessively stress them, avoiding immediately applying another semi-permanent nail polish; you can instead choose a transparent reinforcing nail polish, and after a few days, proceed with a new coat of semi-permanent nail polish.

Semi-permanent nail polish in Caserta

If you really are not able to do your nails yourself and then give up trying to start, here are the beauty centres in Caserta where you could do the semi-permanent nail polish.

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