Remove Calluses: These Tips Ensure Soft Feet Again

It is usually not bad, but annoying: calluses on the feet. When it gets warmer outside, we want to present our feet in open shoes again. Fortunately, removing calluses is not difficult.

  • Most people have calluses on their feet, which protect the skin.
  • In sandals, however, the thick skin bothers many.
  • We show which care rituals you can use to effectively remove calluses.

Calluses often form on the feet when the skin is particularly stressed – for example after long periods of walking and standing or when new shoes pinch. Basically, it is mostly useful because the skin protects itself from pressure and friction by producing more new cells. But calluses can also hurt and look ugly.

Remove cornea: These methods exist

A number of remedies from pharmacies or drugstores promise help to remove calluses. Solutions and patches with high doses of salicylic acid have a well-documented effect.

In fact, if the skin hasn’t cracked or cracked, you don’t normally need any special products. You can try a simple thorough foot care first .

How to proceed:

  • A foot bath softens the calluses. The thick skin can then be removed in the classic way with a pumice stone or a gentle peeling .
  • Callus removers with an electrically operated roller that works like a kind of ‘foot grinder’ can also be found on the market .
  • Care should be taken with corneal planes because the sharp blades can injure deeper layers of skin.
  • Finally, you should care for your feet with a moisturizing cream. It is best to use certified natural cosmetics.

Caution: You should never completely file, plane or prick the hard skin on your feet because the thicker layer of skin is there to protect your feet. If you remove too much of it, you have to reckon with pain, blisters or inflammation.

Foot care against calluses: recipe tips

The following home remedies are good for preparing the skin:

1. Foot bath to remove calluses (no more than once or twice a week)

In a bowl , add about 100 milliliters of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar and then add ankle-high lukewarm water.

Make sure the water temperature is comfortable and bathe your feet in the mixture for about ten minutes – if you bathe for longer, the skin swells up too much and dries out as a result.

2. Chamomile pack for the feet

Wrap a tablespoon of chamomile flowers in a piece of cotton or linen fabric.

Put three tablespoons of boiling water on the packet, let it cool briefly and then press it onto the spot with the callus.

Repeat this several times a day for 15 minutes each time. This makes it easier to remove the callus with a pumice stone after a few days.

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