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Poke Bowl – The New Fast And Healthy Food: History And Tips For Preparing It

It is a composition of ingredients that must be served in a bowl, based initially on rice, vegetables, and diced raw fish, with the addition of oil, avocado, seeds, and condiments such as soy sauce. It is becoming a real trend food, it is now found in all cities and is a great healthy alternative to the classic fast food. But perhaps not everyone knows that Poke, or poke bowl, is a dish of Hawaiian origin, which was first depopulated on the coast of California and then arrived in Europe. It is a composition of ingredients to be served inside a bowl, ‘bowl,’ based initially on rice, vegetables, and raw fish in cubes (Poke means “cut into pieces”), with the addition of oil, avocado, seeds, and condiments such as soy sauce. There are now many variations, both on cereals and proteins, often replaced by vegetable ones. Here are some tips.

The Origins Of Poke

The Poke, as already mentioned, has Hawaiian origins, in particular in the poor cuisine of this country, and was used by fishermen to dispose of the leftovers they had caught. Today it is eaten all over the world, and it has become, with variations including gourmet, highly appreciated even by the most demanding palates. It is even a viral phenomenon on TikTok. It is a highly healthy dish, which can be tasty, depending on the combinations: it must contain a third of vegetables, a third of proteins, and a third of carbohydrates to be well balanced. The traditional recipe requires that the ingredients are left to marinate with the condiments, while in the western variant, they are more simply seasoned at the time of consumption. There are two traditional versions of Hawaiian Poke, different in the main ingredient: Aku poke, based on tuna, and He’s Poke, based on an octopus. However, Poke can be prepared in many different ways, using a multitude of ingredients, both animal and vegetable.

How To Make Poke

The traditional Hawaiian recipe includes white rice as cereal and raw fish as a protein, accompanied by vegetables, avocado, onion, carrots, and different condiments such as seeds, garlic, sesame oil, and soy sauce. All are served in a bowl. Although it may seem simple, choosing ingredients is fundamental in preparing the Poke, which must be fresh and of the highest quality. Furthermore, the poke bowls lend themselves to countless variations to satisfy all tastes, even the most difficult ones.

For instance, in the traditional recipe, the fish is served crudely, cleaned, destroyed, boned, and cut into 3D shapes. However, it should likewise be extraordinarily new and recently chilled to avoid well-being risks. Alternatively, you can use cooked fish, both fried and grilled. White rice can be replaced with cereals such as barley, spelled, or quinoa. Fish can be replaced with vegetable proteins, such as legumes, for example, edamame. On vegetables and condiments, you can indulge yourself, even daring particular combinations. For vegan poke bowls, therefore, without food of animal origin, tofu, tempeh, or seitan can be used instead of fish.

Everything You Need To Make Poke

So let’s see the essential tools for preparing an excellent homemade poke.


The best qualities of rice to prepare an excellent poke are Basmati and Jasmine, cooked according to Japanese cuisine’s traditional cooking method or by absorption over low heat. The rice should be cooked in a bit of water, which covers it flush, using a lid, and left on a very low flame until the water has been completely absorbed. Once cooled, the rice is ready.


Poke Bowls are traditionally seasoned with sesame oil and soy sauce. Still, you can customize the recipe using, for example, teriyaki sauce or poke sauce, a rich blend made from naturally brewed soy sauce, sesame oil toasted, lemon juice, seaweed, and chili, like this one from Kikkoman.

The Bowl

The culture of Poke is also aesthetic, so plating is essential: you will need a round bowl large enough to ideally contain all the ingredients, giving the proper depth to the sauce, like these by Pandoo: a set of 2 bowls in walnut coconut, complete with two spoons made from the trunk of the coconut palm. Natural, reusable, durable, and lightweight, the set is entirely handmade and polished with coconut oil.

The Recipes

The best solution is a good recipe book to prepare excellent and always different poke bowls. For example, “Sweet and salty bowls” by Orathay Souksisavanh is a practical and straightforward manual where you can find many recipes of salty and sweet bowls, suitable for lunches, dinners, breakfasts, and snacks, to experiment with healthy and tasty dishes, even at home.

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