Rotating Your Shampoo Brand: Is It A Good Idea?

You have probably been told to change your shampoo brand regularly as your hair will build a tolerance to a specific product, rendering it less effective. However, this is a myth. The simple fact is that if you find a high-quality product, such as this Olaplex shampoo and conditioner, your hair will appreciate it and it will continue to do the job intended for as long as you want to use it.

However, if you have ever used the same brand of shampoo every day for a year you will have noticed that sometimes your hair feels fantastic, and other times it doesn’t. This isn’t because your hair has developed a tolerance. Many other factors can change the needs of your hair.

The best solution is to identify the factors and when they are happening. You can then switch products, but try to stay with the same brand. This will ensure your hair is getting the best possible care at all times of the year.

The Environment

Your hair is directly affected by the air around it. The basic effects are experienced through the power of the sun, its rays in the summer months will dry your hair faster, making it lighter and brittle. In contrast, excess rain can wash away the protective oils in your hair, still leaving it dry and easily damaged.

The winter doesn’t make things easier for your hair, central heating is very good at drying the air, and your hair. However, the difference is in how you deal with the issue. In the summer you need a protective spray that prevents the sun’s rays from drying your hair. In winter, you’ll need to keep your hair hydrated to avoid the damaging effects of the central heating.

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Identifying the environmental issue can help you choose the right product for your hair.


You may think of chemicals as being in hair products and not an issue as you use natural products. However, there are chemicals all around you. For example, chlorine in the swimming pool. If you swim regularly your hair is likely to become damaged. It will also affect the color of your hair.


Another reason your hair changes is connected to what you eat. Hair is largely made up of protein. If you change your diet and eat less or more protein you will affect the quality of your hair and its ability to defend itself.

The same applies if you suddenly aren’t getting enough vitamins and other nutrients in your diet, it will show in your hair.


As you age your hair will naturally change color and ay become drier and brittle. It is even possible your hair will start to thin. You’ll need to use a product dedicated to helping with this.

Final Thoughts

Many variables can change how your hair responds to the shampoos you are using. The best approach to look after your hair is to find a brand you like and stick with it. But, change products according to the seasons or other factors. This will ensure you give your hair everything it needs to stay looking great.

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