Half Year In Review: Which Eyebrow Trends Are In Style?

Eyebrow trends have come and gone and then come back again throughout history. Marilyn Monroe’s high definition and angled arches are unforgettable for all the right reasons. Meanwhile, try as we might, we might never erase the early 2000s’ thin brows from our memory.

Thankfully today, many have embraced the natural volume of their brows and are still making it a point to groom and perfect their style. To stand out and look beautiful this 2021, here are the most popular eyebrow trends that you can try!

Au Naturel Brows

A natural eyebrow look is perfect for you if you want something simple yet elegant. This particular trend can be very easy, as you’ll use less makeup products. The effort is in grooming and sculpting your eyebrows to maintain its natural shape — and let it shine through.

To create a natural brow look, pluck or shave away most of the stray hairs so that the curve of your own brows will stand out. Then, use a clear brow mascara to brush up the hairs from the inner corner to the arch. Once you get to the arch, brush down until you reach the outer corner.

Bushy Brows

Meet the antithesis of the natural brows: the bushy brows! This type of brow trend has been around for a long time, and model Cara Delevingne is often attributed as the peg for this beautiful style. Bushy brows add such a strong and characteristic touch to one’s face, which is why it is still regarded as one of the trendiest brow looks this year.

If you want to follow this trend, use your tweezers less often! Instead, tame your brows using a tinted brow gel that contains fibers for a fuller and thicker look. Apply the mascara in short, upward strokes to groom the hairs properly. Then, use the tip of the wand to fill in the gaps and create a more voluminous look.

Geolift Brow

Geolift brows are a little less Cara Delevingne and more Kaia Gerber. According to Gerber, the key to the look is to not go tweezer crazy. The geolift brow sports a fluffy and full look, much like the bushy brow trend. However, the key here is to create a cleaner and more defined arch, plus a tapered eyebrow tail. As a result, you’ll have a thick but contoured eyebrow look.

Those who want to try the geolift brow need to pluck the lower part of their eyebrows to maintain the defined arch and tail. Girls who are blessed with full brows can then use a brow mascara to groom the hairs and emphasize the arch. Meanwhile, if you have sparse brows, you can use a gel to create a thicker and voluminous look. You can also use a thin eyebrow pencil to mimic eyebrow hairs for a more defined shape.

Straight Brows

Straight eyebrows are a trend in both Asia and America for a good reason! Kendall Jenner and tons of Korean stars are sporting eyebrows that don’t have defined arches. Without a strong shape, your eyebrows will create an illusion of an instant eyelift that will give you a more youthful appearance.

This may seem pretty scary but to get this look, you’ll have to shave or wax off the tail end of your brows. Without the brow tail, the arch will not be as prominent in your look. You can also extend your straight eyebrows outward by using a pencil to mimic hairs.

There are so many trendy eyebrow looks to choose from. But to get the most flattering look, consider which trends will suit your face shape and your personal style the best.

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