Manicure To The Edge! These Are The Five Nail Colors Of This Summer 2021

Summer is here, and it’s time to renew your wardrobe. Buy those shorts that will save you from this infernal heat, get that bikini you wanted to buy last year, and, of course, choose the nail color you will wear! This summer! You already know that there are leading colors that do not go unnoticed every year and that we all want to have in our hands – and also our feet as the saying goes very well: for tastes, colors!

And, 2021, there are also options of all kinds, and you will indeed find your perfect shade. Do you have an idea of ​​which ones are going to be your chosen ones? Are you wholly indecisive and looking to get out of doubt? Is there a color that you want to wear but have never dared? Today we tell you what the trends that are succeeding to the fullest on Instagram are. Keep reading, and indeed before finishing the post, you have already decided how your next manicure is going to be. We started!

Summer, the time to wear the most daring nail colors

The plans on the beach, the conversations by the sea and the terraces until closing … summer arrives; the season of the year that we all expected. And of course, how could it be otherwise, in your hands it will be noticed! Last year, due to confinement and not knowing when we would return to the beauty salons, we became true experts in home manicure. In spring, the colors that took the most were transparent and nudes, discreet options very much in line with the situation we were going through. When he came summer, white glazes to “milky nails’ were the winners par excellence. And now that the2021, a happier summer in which everything seems to improve little by little, what colors will be chosen?

After this winter, in which elegant nails in colors such as beige, maroon, dark blue, or brown have been worn a lot, full-color nails have returned to – for now – stay. Chance? We don’t believe it. It is time to get some fresh air and enjoy the plans with family and friends – always with caution! That is why the most powerful and brilliant colors have returned with all the force in the world.

And it is that this summer 2021, our nails will be very open to the French manicure in which we substitute white for colors, to striking neons -especially pinks and yellows-, to geometric shapes with pastel colors and, of course, to the well-known nuclear target that will also make its stellar appearance in these months of warmth and sun.

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Summer manicure 2021: the nail colors that you cannot miss

After this brief introduction, we imagine that you can already get an idea of ​​where the shots go, right? Well, now we will dive into what is essential and what you have come this far for: tell you what the fashionable colors will be worn on your nails this summer!

Yellow, a safe bet!

Although this spring was already beginning to see this color in manicures, we have the honor to inform you that it will continue to be one of the favorite colors this summer. And honestly, we don’t care at all! Yellow always favors and much more at this time of year. Also, now that our skin looks darker, our yellow nails will shine like never before!

Pastel colors are the icing on the cake!

Pink, lilac, peach … where you put an excellent pastel color, remove the rest. You can combine them with geometric shapes, especially with smooth and rounded finishes, and that each nail is different. This option is ideal if you want to get out of the box and jump into the pool. Do you dare to let your imagination run wild?

Neon colors: nails in full bloom!

The neon also returns this summer. And it is that, in reality, he has not left for a long time! These powerful colors are always a good option if you want your nails not to go unnoticed. You can bet on the solid shade or play with the dots that are so popular this year. The result? Let the whole world envy your hands!

The color fuchsia, the usual as never

As we mentioned a little above, the desire to return to bright colors this year is more powerful than ever. The fuchsia is going strong this 2021, providing dynamism and giving your hands one aspect sociable and glamorous. If it is an option that is consistently among the favorites and never goes out of style, it will be for something, right?

Short and simple nails

Are you more of going unnoticed? Well, for you, we also bring you good news! Short nails with very subtle detail, such as a dot of color, are also very fashionable. Apply a transparent base and choose that little detail that makes the difference. Of course, so that your hands look perfect, take your nails well-groomed!

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