Lip Care In Winter: These Tips Help Against Dry Lips

Dryness and cold are particularly hard on the delicate skin on the lips in winter. Then they need an extra portion of fat and moisture. Home remedies can also help keep your lips supple.

Those who suffer from dry lips often run their tongue over them – but that’s not a good idea. The choice of lip care stick is also important: it should have a high proportion of fats, oils or waxes. Here are the five most important tips for naturally cared for lips in the cold season.

Tip 1: Drink a lot and humidify the room air

Whether it’s bitterly cold air outside or dry heating air inside – both draw moisture away from the sensitive skin around the lips and are the main causes of chapped lips in winter. Because the protective layer of callus on the lips is particularly thin and has hardly any sweat or sebum glands.

The skin there is therefore hardly able to supply itself with fat or moisture . Therefore, it is also a common reflex that we wet our lips with our tongue as soon as they feel dry.

But that only makes things worse, because it really dries out the skin . Better: Humidify the room air from time to time, for example with a spray bottle. Drinking enough is also important for a balanced fluid balance.

Tip 2: Use lip care sticks with a high fat content

An extra helping of fat and moisture helps lips stay supple on harsh winter days. Sometimes the normal day cream is enough for this.

Lip care sticks are practical for on the go, as they form an additional protective layer with a higher proportion of fats, oils or waxes and thus protect the skin from moisture loss. This is particularly useful when it is very cold or windy.

Tip 3: Apply natural products such as honey and olive oil

A proven home remedy for chapped lips is bee honey: it has an anti-inflammatory effect and stabilizes the protective layer of the skin with its acidic pH value . You can apply it straight to the lips, leave it on for about ten minutes and then dab it off with a cloth.

A quick treatment with olive oil or shea butter forms a natural protective layer against the cold : leave these natural products to work for three minutes and then carefully remove the residue.

Tip 4: Use lip care sticks with UV protection

If you are outdoors for more than half an hour on a sunny day, you should think about UV protection. Because the skin on the lips has hardly any melanocytes and therefore less self-protection against the sun.

The risk of sunburn is particularly high when skiing in the mountains, because the UV rays of the sun are reflected by the snow crystals. However, you should take a close look at lip care with UV protection : Some chemical UV filters are suspected of having a hormone-like effect.

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