3 Patti Rules | How To Play Teen Patti Flash Game

Flash card game how to play?

Teen Patti is the most popular card game in Asia, especially in India. In fact, it is said to have originated in India.

In English, Teen Patti means ‘three cards.’ So, it is also referred to as 3 cards, three cards or Teen Patta in India. More, it is also known as the Flash game.

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Teen Patti Game Rules

The flash game Teen Patti is very similar to the Poker card game. According to the Teen Patti rules, 3 to 6 players can participate in it. And it uses a set of 52 cards, ranked from Ace to two with no Joker cards. The minimum stake amount for Teen Patti live is decided before the start of the game.

How to play Teen Patti in steps

Though Teen Patti is similar to Poker, but 3 Patti rules for playing are completely different. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play 3 Patti online.

  • The game begins with a dealer shuffling and cutting cards from a standard deck of 52. To note, 3 to 6 players can play Teen Patti.
  • Now, before the cards have been dealt, the players are supposed to place their wager amount in the middle of the table. It’s the minimum amount every player has to bet. The wager amount is fixed before the start of the game and everyone has to bet the same amount.
  • After that, the dealer will deal 3 cards face down to each player. Now for another time, the players have to bet an amount.
  • They have a choice to either make a call, raise or quit. However, in order to continue, they’re supposed to bet.
  • Once you choose to continue, you can bet on players, as to who has the highest hand. In this case, there are two choices, you either can look at your hand or you can go blind.
  • In either case, the game will continue. And then, in the end, a winner is decided. It is chosen based on who has the best hand and is still in the game.

The ranking Teen Patti Hands

In Teen Patti online, a hand of 3 cards is ranked from high to low, based on which the winner is decided. The ranking of hands is as follows: Trio> Straight Run> Normal Run> Color> Pair> High Card.

The Betting Process

The flash card games betting starts from the very beginning when you place your wager amount. To note, betting in Teen Patti goes clockwise and it begins with the player sitting next to the dealer. The dealer is chosen randomly out of the players only. However, in Teen Patti online, you get to play with professional dealers of your own choice.

Once every player has placed their wager amount, the dealer will make a call to stop and start dealing cards to everyone. Now, the betting will continue in clockwise rounds, for as many rounds as needed. But, if after the wager round, you want to discontinue, you can call it quits by ‘folding.’ Note, you’ll lose your wager amount if you fold.

Now, if you choose to continue, you’re supposed to bet for another round. However, this time your betting amount will depend upon your stake amount. You have to either bet the same amount you bet before or you can go for a raise.

If one player chooses to go for a raise, the others are obliged to follow him. They then have to place the same amount as he did or even they can call a raise.

The game will continue until all the players have folded and one out of all remains in the game with the highest card. The one who remains will win all the money in the pot.

How to win in 3 card game

Here are some tested tips and tricks which tell you how to play teen patti game and win:

  • Play blind – It increases your chances of winning. This way you won’t risk betting all your money or betting high as compared to the players who have already seen their cards. And then, you’ll lose less comparatively.
  • Play Chaal – Never choose to look at your cards in the very beginning. However, you can look at your cards whenever you want, in the middle of the game. And then, bet accordingly.
  • A compromise can help – Ask the other player to sideshow their cards if they’ve already seen theirs. This will help you decide what bet you should play next. This chaal is called asking for a compromise.
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