How To Keep Your Tan After The Summer

In September, the post-summer depression begins: vacations, sunny days, the beach, the pool are over, and… the routine begins! That toasted tone that you have fought for during all the summer months is disappearing. And is that… How can we maintain the tan for longer? How do we do not return so quickly to the typical winter nuclear target?

The key to everything… hydration!

In summer, our skin is in worse condition than the rest of the year. You must hydrate your skin during all times of the year, but you have to dedicate a few extra minutes to this one specifically. If you have not done it, even if it is too late to remedy it, use a Nourishing Repairing Night Cream that deeply hydrates the skin of your face. And for the body, use a Nourishing Body Milk to do the same with all the other areas of your body.

Make sure your skin is clean

If hydration is important, the first step is always cleaning, especially in the face. The makeup removal function is essential when you go to the beach or the pool. Do not use makeup that does not carry protection if you are going to sunbathe. The tone of the makeup areas will be very different, and it can also irritate. So… remember to remove your makeup before going to sleep and before going out in the sun! You can do it with a makeup remover cream gel or with micellar water. The first one will create a soft foam and clean your skin in depth, removing even the most resistant makeup. It is more recommended to use at night. The second can be used both before putting on makeup to wipe off the sweat and makeup from the night before or before going to sleep.

Keep an eye on the data! Now that you are brown, forget about exfoliating your skin if you want to maintain your tan over time. If you want to do it, it has to be before exposing yourself to the sun. Since then, you will regenerate your skin, eliminating dead cells and dirt that accumulates on the outer layers of the skin. Something that will benefit your tan.

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