How To Do The “Eyeliner” If You Have Droopy or Hooded Eyelids

No matter how old they are, the eyes with folds that fall on the eyelid and hide it, complicate the task of achieving a flattering outline.

Droopy or hooded eyelids do not necessarily have to be linked to age. In fact, many young women have hooded eyelids. We are talking about eyes in which the fixed eyelid (from the eyebrow to the socket) falls on the mobile so that the fold is practically lost when the eye is open. This implies that, when making a simple outline, part of the line will be hidden under that excess skin that has lost firmness over the years or that is innate in this way.

The problem is that, although we draw a technically correct “eyeliner” and that apparently works with the eye closed, when we open it we will realize that it is not flattering and does not end up with the shape we thought it would be. This is especially evident when we also try to draw a tail. Thus, the weight of the overcast eyelid usually curves the corner of the eye and partially or totally hides the rest of the outline, leaving an unflattering result.

To do this we must delineate the eyeliner in such a way that when we have our eye open, with the usual gaze, it looks like a regular outline. To do this, we will recreate a type of «eyeliner» with a corner with a special shape, the difference of which can only be seen with the eye closed.

How To Do The Eyeliner On Droopy Eyelids

There are a series of premises from which we must start so as not to be mistaken. On the one hand, it is not convenient to incline the corner of the eyeliner too much since when we open the eye we will see that it is curved and very unsightly. Nor should we draw it too straight, as it would reinforce the droopy shape of the eye. On the other hand, making a very thick line will not help us achieve a flattering finish with overcast eyelids. The reason is that it would end up occupying what little visible space we have left in the mobile eyelid and would practically be confused with the crease.

To avoid these errors, the key is to work the outline with your eye open to check the result of the outline at all times and avoid unwanted finishes. Thus, the essential thing is to do it with the natural gaze, open and forward, without forcing the opening with your fingers, as we often do.

These Are The Tricks That We Can Put Into Practice For A Perfect Eyelid Liner:

  • Fine lining: the finer the more surface of the mobile eyelid we will gain and the less the eyeliner will interfere with the natural crease of the eye.
  • Close to the eyelashes: we must bear in mind that in this type of eyes it is convenient to make the outline as close as possible to the eyelash line so that it defines the gaze without completely covering the space of the mobile eyelid.
  • The angle of the corner: we must draw the corner by tilting slightly, but never lifting towards the eyebrow. As a guide, we can take the reference of the lower tabs, as trying to extend the water line up with the outlined. Keep in mind that the more we tip the corner, the more the fold will interfere with the result.

    The maximum thickness of the corner will have to be defined with the eye open before the mirror. It is enough that we mark with a point where the natural crease of the eye ends. This will ensure that the tail is fully visible, either with the eye open or closed.
  • To complete the corner: we can do it with the eye open to control the line and ensure that it fits well in the position in which the drooping eyelid is most marked. To do this, we will join with a line the end of the corner with the line of the upper tabs, passing through the previously marked point at the end of the fold. Then we will only have to fill it and it will be ready.

In case that when closing the eye we have left a jump in the outlined , we can resort to the arrowhead technique . It consists of filling that jump in the outlined vertically so as not to thicken the lash line.

Depending on how droopy the eyelid is, the corner of the outline may look more or less like an arrowhead. But precisely that way that is seen differently from the traditional one when closing the eyes is the one that guarantees that the eyeliner will look good when opening them.

  • Tightening line: to finish defining the look, it is recommended to make an invisible line, just below the upper lash line. The idea is to delineate between the tabs and on the upper waterline so that the “eyeliner” is complete and the look is more intense. In this way, we will also get an extra thickness in the outline, without invading the space of the mobile eyelid.

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