Close To The Body: How To Choose And Wear Lingerie

Stop for a minute. Feel your body and see if all your clothes are comfortable. We are sure someone will clearly say: “They are pinching the jeans.” Others will not even be able to explain, limiting themselves to the phrase: “Something is wrong.” One of the causes of discomfort can be incorrectly fitted underwear. But this (the latter) affects your well-being, and your self-confidence, and your appearance. Here in our article you can find out how to shop and use sexy lingerie.

How to choose a bra – practical tips

Does bra sizes by letter and number make you panic? We understand that you can only begin to navigate around these values ​​with experience. Ask the consultant to select several different models, and in the fitting room, pay attention to these main points:

How the bottom of the cups are filled

Free space indicates that the bra is either large or does not fit you in the shape of the cups. If the opposite situation occurs and the fabric is too tight to the skin, again it is worth trying on a different size. Normally, about two fingers should fit between the chest and the bottom of the bra.

Where the bra underwires converge

The correct answer is clearly in the middle. The bones should not “climb” on the chest or sit asymmetrically. By the way, the latter problem can also arise if the straps are incorrectly adjusted, for example, one is longer than the other.

Does the cup fit the breast shape?

Ever notice how sometimes the borders of a bra are too conspicuous through clothes? One of the reasons for this is the discrepancy between the size of the cups and the shape of the breast. The semicircular part of the underwear should, like a cocoon, fit the chest from all sides, without pulling it and hanging on it.

Do the straps cope with the load

Surprising but true: not all girls experiment with the settings of the straps on the bra. In vain! After all, the chances that the bra will sit better if you adjust it for yourself are higher. By the way, we advise you to check your bras or those that you are planning to buy for the degree of stress. To do this, unfasten or completely remove the straps – the underwear in both cases should remain on the chest. And, of course, this supporting part of the bra should not pinch the back and shoulders – we hope your underwear does not have such mistakes.

Where to look for “the same” bra

You’ve probably heard that underwear has a different size chart. As a rule, we need to search for a bra size chart by letter and number. When do you think the chance of a hit is higher? That’s right, with a large selection.

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What forms of panties exist

You might be surprised, but low-rise and high-rise underwear differ not only in appearance. They have different functions. And it’s easier to pick up panties , because no size chart by numbers and letters, like bras, is needed here. Let’s go over the popular panties, each with its own advantages!


Such underwear is convenient to wear both for girls with a scale type of figure and for those with narrow hips. The Brazilian panties are distinguished by the classic shape of the product in the front and slightly narrowed in the back.


The shorts model can be either high or low. In both cases, such underwear is recommended for girls with a classic figure.


This shape is chosen by those who want to visually lengthen the legs and emphasize the curves at the hips. And yes, with such a low stance, we recommend this model for girls of athletic build with a flat stomach.


The highleg model can be characterized by two criteria. This underwear includes a high waist that sits just below the waist and a bikini-like panty shape.

Full brief

Choosing underwear for girls with volumes both at the waist and in the abdomen can be difficult. Of course, not all brands have a full brief model. You need to look for it by a high landing in the front and back. But the cutout on the buttocks may differ.

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