Healthy And Beautiful Hair – How To Achieve It?

A lot can be determined by the condition of the hair. For example, your age, cleanliness or current state of health. Since not everyone has skin care mastered, let’s take a look at how you can turn your sparrow’s nest into a crown of beauty. Interested in learning more?

We all desire perfect hair that radiates its flawlessness to the world. However, many things are more important for healthy hair than our vanity. In order not to spoil it, we have to devote a lot of time and loving care to it .

This is the only way our hair will stop being excessively greasy, breaking, falling out or causing other (completely unnecessary) problems that constantly bother us.

Proper hair care is essential

The quality of our hair is determined by genetics. While some women are born with thick hair that struggles with a lack of hydration , others may stand on their heads, but their fine, straight hair becomes covered in sebum within hours.

Fortunately, although it seems that there is no way to solve this problem, the opposite is true. It will require a lot of concentrated effort from you (at least in the beginning). Bad hair care can cause its condition to deteriorate. This means that oily hair is even oilier, dry hair is even drier and damaged hair is even more fragile.

Long-term care

With the problem described above, it is necessary to remember that you can only improve the condition of your hair with proper long-term care . It’s not like dieting where you change your diet for a week or two and then go back to your original regimen.

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How to have healthy and beautiful hair?

But now the theory is over. It’s time to talk about how to choose nutrition for healthy hair, how to choose the right shampoo and many other tips, thanks to which you will no longer doubt what you should or shouldn’t do in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Are you ready? If so, let’s get started!

Quality and natural hair care

Whether you are interested in caring for curly hair or something else, it all starts with choosing the right beauty products . Since few of us can correctly gauge whether our hair lacks hydration or protein, or whether it is struggling with other ailments such as dandruff and scalp irritation, it is best to seek advice from an experienced hairstylist (who also offers gentle hair colors on a natural basis) or a dermatologist.

Those who lighten their hair must expect some drying and weakening, which can burden already fragile and weak hair.

Hair masks

Although we usually don’t realize it, our hair is exposed to a lot of stress every day . They can be affected by the outside temperature, high or low humidity, or excessive handling (for example, when dressing, etc.). In order to cope with this burden and preserve their softness, strength and shine, it is advisable to treat them with a high-quality hair mask. Depending on your hair type, make a hair mask at home or buy one at your local hair store. (Our tip: Cover your hair with a towel or a swimming cap. Thanks to the heat, the active substances are absorbed much better.)

Healthy food

Many of us make a big mistake when we only take care of our hair from the outside. However, we must not forget that a significant part of the work is done by our diet . This can affect whether we have the energy necessary for their vitality and growth.

If you are wondering what foods are best for your hair, try eating them:

  • Eggs
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Fish and seafood
  • Avocado
  • Nuts

And why all these foods? Mainly thanks to the content of omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, vitamin C, iron and protein .

Limit blow-drying and combing

Another factor that can affect the well-groomed appearance of your hair is frequent drying and combing . Use the hair dryer only when absolutely necessary. Use cooler air on your hair and always use heat protection. As for combing, if it is done too sparingly or at the wrong time, it can damage the hair (for example, if it is wet after washing). Always wait or use a comb with wider teeth .

Herbs and vitamins

You can also bet on herbs. For example, horsetail, brewer’s yeast or nettle. Vitamins for healthy hair are vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A or group B vitamins. Especially biotin, which also has a positive effect on the skin and nails. When it comes to how you can get these ingredients into your diet, you can either explore the contents of your refrigerator or buy over-the-counter natural supplements . The ones that achieve high quality contain everything your hair secretly dreams of.

Hair nutrition

If you want to do something extra for yourself, you can treat yourself to a hair treatment that contains concentrated substances that have a positive effect on the strength, shine and strength of your hair. They are more expensive, but you should notice the difference.

Care according to hair type

Greasy hair

If you want to stop the overproduction of sebum, you need to wash your hair a little less . If you can, extend the washing interval to a few days during which you do not go anywhere. After washing, you will see that the need for washing has decreased quite significantly. Keep dry shampoo handy and don’t use products that smooth and weigh it down.

Dry hair

Dry hair benefits from moisturizing shampoos, conditioners and masks . Compared to other hair types, owners must pay attention to heat treatment and use adequate heat protection. Intensive hair treatment benefits them more than anyone else.

Soft hair

Fine hair needs protection from excessive oiling or breakage (a lot depends on how fragile it is to begin with). Use a product for the care of fine hair , which will give it volume and will not promote its flaking and greasiness. If you can, avoid hair treatments that smooth the hair (typically like flat irons, grease will slide into the lengths more easily).

Take care of your hair!

What is the point of all this? Above all, the fact that hair cannot be taken care of only from the outside, but also from the inside. Also, they cannot be devoted only for a short time. A long-term effort wins in full . In order to give them optimal nutrition at home, at work and on the go, try natural food supplements for hair that will support their growth, increase their volume and help with their loss. We believe you will see the difference soon.

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