Headbands: The Fashion Accessory

Do you know what headbands are? It is a type of headband that has become a very popular accessory, since it is comfortable, versatile and allows you to show off the trending looks of the season. If you want to know more about headbands, we bring them to you in this post.

What are the headbands?

Headband , in English, literally means “headband”. It is a widespread choice as an aesthetic complement, since it allows you to create casual outfits and play with hairstyles , for example, providing volume in the crown area.

Headbands vary in size: they can be narrower and used only to place hair or add dynamism, but also gain width and prominence. In this way, they become very useful allies to cover those areas of the head that you want to hide.

Due to these qualities, which we will continue to see later, headbands are a great hair solution when hair is very fine, has lost volume, is thin or bald. In addition, they serve to enhance the features of the face itself and draw attention to the eyes, especially when oversize ribbons are used.

A versatile choice that adapts to fashion

As we said at the beginning, headbands can be adapted to all types of hair and styles. For example, you can wear these headbands by pulling your hair back, bunching it up for a stylish up-do, and leaving your forehead clean.

However, one of the preferred options for people looking to generate that effect of a greater proportion of hair is to combine the headband with the bangs. In this case, you can opt for one of today’s star looks: long, scaled bangs . As we saw a few weeks ago, hairstyles with bangs are here to stay and are an absolute trend, remember it here .

To achieve optimal results with this hairstyle, at Rueber we create personalized headbands to which we add hair to the front, generating the desired bangs. In this way, you will only have to place the headband and finish giving it your personal touch.

The customization of the headbands does not stop there: we prepare the hair in the fashionable colors of autumn-winter 2022-2023 . What are we referring to?

  • Vanilla: this shade of pale yellow has become a great trend, since it allows you to play with the darker colors of the roots and/or be applied as highlights. In the bangs, it brings a fresh and youthful touch.
  • Caramel balayage: This shade has become very popular because it gives a touch of bronze to the hair. The contrast that it achieves with the caramel reflections and darker roots, but also with the skin itself, is very flattering.
  • Babylights: as its name indicates, this type of wicks recreates the natural reflections of babies’ hair. Therefore, it provides luminosity in a subtle way while generating a sensation of three-dimensionality and greater volume.

In addition to these three trendy colors, each headband can be customized according to your tastes and needs . The headbands also adapt to the routine of the person who uses them. With a casual style, they are perfect to wear to the office without complications . For a more formal look, they allow you to create an updo and go gala on a special occasion. In all cases, they will provide greater confidence in one’s own image, highlighting the qualities of each person and hiding what creates insecurity.

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