Halloween Costumes To Go Against Gender Norms

Halloween gives us a break to be anyone we want to be. This is the one time when we are given limitless freedom to be creative and fun. Limiting kids can stifle their dreams and curtail imagination and innovation. Breaking norms and stereotypes can start early, starting with costume choices.

Therefore, Halloween costumes that go against gender norms will be something to consider when planning for this fun holiday. Right now, topics like feminine masculinity and masculine femininity are hot topics that lend themselves to the world of costumes. For example, the items of clothing, as well as the color palettes, can make a nod to one gender or another.

Clothing has always been an opportunity for freedom of expression. There is both a safety net and an opportunity to break creative boundaries with costumes. Anyone can be free to be themselves and play another character without being judged or ridiculed.

Costumes Are For Exploring Dreams

However, with children, gender is not complicated. They believe that nothing can stop them from being anything in the world. That can mean a young girl can dream of being President of the United States or a fighter pilot. There is no need to be forced into joining the princess palooza. Anyone can create their amalgamation of genres or eras.

According to Smiffys Halloween Costumes, she should feel comfortable checking out girls’ pirate costumes if she dreams of searching for pirate booty in the Caribbean. That swashbuckling costume attire, complete with a plastic knife, gives off. Or a boy could feel just as comfortable portraying a princess like Princess Leia.

Halloween is just about having a lot of fun. Limiting costumes based on gender sends subtle messages that there are set occupations and dreams for boys and another set for girls. Halloween allows kids to dream and be themselves freely.

Don’t Forget Scary Costumes

There is nothing like taking on someone else’s role than in a Halloween costume. Don’t miss out on all of the scary costumes available. Anyone, including girls, can be an Evil Clown or a zombie. Don’t forget that boys can even enjoy dressing like a Corpse Bride. This is a favorite costume choice that allows even a shy child to come out of their shell that one time of the year.

Costumes Divided By Type, Not Gender

Most parents may find that costumes have traditionally been divided by genders, not by types of characters or themes. As society opens up to feminine and masculine femininity, costumes begin to follow suit.

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