Fashion Trends 2022: These Three Fashion Styles Are In, And These Are Out

New fashion pieces, new techniques – we are very much looking forward to the fresh wind in fashion in 2022. We reveal which trends are in and which we are saying goodbye to.

“A new love is like a new life” – we can sing this hit with full enthusiasm for new fashion styles because the feeling is almost the same. That’s why we don’t want to put you in suspense for a long time but rather reveal which trends will be popular in 2022 and which we would like to say goodbye to.

Fashion trends 2022: These fashion pieces are in

Trend: Farbige Trench Coats

No more boring beige – color will be breathed into the fashion classic trench coat in 2022. For example, in the trend color pink, bright versions are in, but also pastel tones. The main thing is color. And of course, the coats can also be multicolored to become an absolute fashion highlight.

Very Peri and Pink

“Very Peri” is the freshly chosen Pantone color 2022 and will play a significant role in fashion, interiors and beauty. Pink will also be one of THE trend colors in 2022 that fashionistas already love. Go for Color!

Sweater over blazer

Do you still know the popper trend from the 80s? Now you tie the sweater over a blazer. Although colors are popular, the plain-colored style looks classy in black. The shirt, which is tied loosely around the shoulders, should, of course, look good and not be too narrow.

And these fashion trends are out in 2022

Skinny Jeans

No matter how much we love them, skinny jeans have a break first because they make room for wide-leg shapes already famous in 2021. Don’t put your favorite pieces in the used clothing collection. Skinnys are guaranteed to be back!


The color dominated the year 2021 very strongly and was even worn in monochrome. It is indispensable for combining as a soft color, but beige is no longer setting the tone. In 2022, colors like pink will finally come back into play!

Ripped Jeans or Destroyed Jeans

And another big jeans trend from this year out in 2022: Ripped jeans or Destroyed jeans. Types of Denim with holes or tears that give the trousers the popular used look will be out next year. Many parents will breathe a sigh of relief! But: a frayed hem is still in! Happy too early!

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