Do You Have 5 Minutes For An Express Manicure?

There are not many things you can do in just 5 minutes (and we don’t mean the ones that you say take time to prepare and end up being 15), but painting your nails can be one of them. Start the stopwatch and save time with this express manicure in just a few steps. You won’t be late again by waiting for the polish to dry!

What does it cost us the most in the world? Probably keep your hands still while the enamel dries. And of course, sometimes that wait goes on so long that we end up playing something and … well, you know how the story ends. In honor of those nails that you have had to paint and repaint and the patience that you have developed over the years, here is the ritual with the steps of an express manicure that will take you 5 minutes to watch. Faster, impossible!

An Express Manicure In 3 Steps

Step One: Preparation

Before you get started with your manicure, there are two important issues that you have to consider. The first? Prepare the nails a day before so that the result looks the way you want. This involves shaping, filing, and applying a protective foundation that strengthens them like Essie’s Strong Start. And the second? Choose the color (or colors) of enamel. Do you know the quick-dry ones of the Expressive range? Its formula is vegan and you have up to 16 shades available. Orange, reds, nudes, mallows … you decide!

Second Step: Color Application

You already have your nails ready and you’re Expressive at hand. Let the countdown begin! Go giving the first coat of color with its innovative ambidextrous brush, designed to facilitate application to left and right-handed users because it deposits just the right amount of enamel. If you prefer a multicolored manicure in the style of skittles nails – the fastest and coolest trend for manicurist Rita Remark – simply go painting nail by nail, maintaining symmetry in both hands. And now comes the good thing: let them dry for a minute (yes, just one) between layers and layers!

Third Step (optional): Protection And Shine

Do you have 60 seconds left? Well, it’s just the time it takes for the Essie Speed ​​setter top coat to fix on your nails. Take advantage of its quick-drying formula and give your color more hold and shine! The best thing about Expressive is that the possibilities are vast – 16 colors, one per week … imagine! – and that it allows you to paint your nails anytime, anywhere. For example, if you have free time at work, go ahead without fear! It dries so fast that you will be ready before the next email enters. The same if your baby sleeps: even if he wakes up by surprise, you will have your hands ready to take him in your arms (without getting washed).

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