Diamond Anniversary: Choose The Perfect Gift For Your Love!

So your anniversary is coming, and you are thinking diamonds. Reaching your diamond anniversary, or 60th wedding anniversary, is a great achievement. Just like with other significant anniversaries, it is traditional to give your partner a gift to symbolize the 60 years you have spent together.

Diamonds are a perfect gift for your any anniversary. Especially if your spouse loves diamonds. The most common gift for your diamond anniversary year is diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry comes in a wide variety of options. The most traditional gift for your diamond anniversary is a diamond anniversary band, either for your partner or as part of a matching set of rings.

Diamond jewelry comes in a huge variety of options. The most traditional gift for your diamond anniversary is a diamond anniversary band, either for your partner or as part of a matching set of rings.

There is no best diamond anniversary ring for everyone. A good diamond anniversary ring should match and complement your partner’s existing engagement ring, wedding ring and other jewelry. Anniversary rings come in several different styles, from traditional eternity bands to anniversary rings designed for larger diamonds.

Eternity Bands

Diamond anniversary eternity bands, usually have a lightweight, classic design that gives your partner lots of flexibility regarding where to wear their ring.

Because they are usually fairly simple in design, it is okay for your partner to stack their diamond eternity ring with their engagement and wedding rings. If your partner likes jewelry which is light in weight, simple and uncomplicated but still beautiful, a classic diamond eternity band is the perfect choice.

In addition to light weight and simplicity, eternity diamond bands offer several other benefits over more ornate, complicated anniversary rings. First, since they usually don’t contain large diamonds, eternity bands are often more affordable than any other anniversary rings. You can easily browse through ItsHot’s fine collection to get a real diamond eternity band online. Second, their classic design makes them easy for your partner to wear on any finger, from their left ring finger to any finger on their right hand. Finally, a diamond eternity band is a perfect choice.

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Diamond Anniversary Rings

Anniversary rings also come in a range of more ornate, complicated styles. If your partner likes their jewelry to stand out a little more, a stone ring, channel-set ring or bezel-set diamond anniversary ring could be a great choice.

Choosing a more complicated ring design is a great way to give your partner a statement piece of jewelry. If you know your partner’s tastes and want something that stands out from the crowd, a ring with a larger diamond or more complicated setting can be a good option. Choose diamond ring based on your partner’s tastes and preferences — after all, it’s their opinion of the ring design that’s the most important.

Diamond Clarity and Color

Just like diamond engagement rings and other diamond jewelry, the diamonds used in anniversary rings can range from small and inexpensive to large, costly and flawless. If you opt for an eternity ring, the small size of the diamonds used in this type of jewelry means there is usually less of a need to worry about factors like diamond size and quality.

Eternity rings and other rings with multiple small diamonds are usually classified by a certain total carat weight, referring to the total weight of all of the separate diamonds. The diamonds used in these rings usually have a color grade ranging from G to I, meaning that they are “near-colorless,” with a tone that’s usually only detectable upon close inspection or when compared to higher-grade diamonds.

Since the diamonds in an eternity band aren’t very large, these near-colorless diamonds can be a great option if you are searching for high quality jewelry that’s still reasonably affordable. While there is no need to look for colorless diamonds for this type of anniversary ring, it is generally best to choose a ring that features diamonds with a high color and clarity grade.

Other Diamond Anniversary Gifts

While it is traditional to give a diamond ring for your 60th anniversary, there is nothing wrong with giving other diamond jewelry.

Diamond bracelets, earrings, studs and necklaces all make great gifts for your diamond anniversary, especially if your partner already has a stunning diamond engagement ring, wedding band or several other anniversary rings.

Final Thoughts on Diamond Anniversary Gifts

There is no bad time to give diamond jewelry as a gift, but you will make her year with an anniversary gift of superior diamonds. There are so many styles of diamond jewelry available that you will have no problem finding something. Whichever way you decide to go, she will be sure to love and appreciate all the time and effort you put into picking out the perfect diamond jewelry piece.

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