Contouring: How To Make Your Face Narrower

First, you should apply make-up to your face as usual before using a darker contouring powder and highlighter. How exactly you proceed then depends on your individual face shape.

Make up a Heart-shaped Face Narrower

Heart-shaped faces are sometimes referred to as triangular faces. Typical are the broad forehead and a shape that narrows down to the chin.

Use the highlighter to accentuate the center of your forehead and the area under your eyes narrowing towards the temples. A wider strip of highlighter creates a harmonious overall appearance of your face.

Start with the darker contouring product on the chin below the highlighter and “embed” it, as can be seen in the picture. To shape the upper half of your face, use the dark powder to accentuate the side area of ​​the forehead, the temples, and the cheekbones.

Then take a large brush and blend the contouring products so that no hard edges are left behind.

Extra tip: With heart-shaped faces, the eyes are often large and the mouth quite narrow. Emphasize your lips with bold lipstick to restore balance to your face.

Make up a Square Face Narrower

A square face is characterized by a broad forehead and a broad jawline. With contouring, softer proportions can be created.

With the highlighter, you should emphasize the areas under the eyes towards the nose. A small circle under the lips on the chin draws attention to the center of the face.

The contouring powder is used. Draw a semicircle from one outer eyebrow to the other. In this way, you can achieve an oval shape for your face. You should also use the dark powder to accentuate the inner cheekbones and the jawbones in fine lines.

Then blend the contours again with a large brush.

Extra tip: women with angular faces often have large eyes and full lips. By using makeup to accentuate both, you’re taking a little attention away from your edgy contours.

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Make up a Round Face Narrower

Many women with round faces complain that the shape of their face alone makes them look stronger and somehow childlike. The right makeup can help.

Take the highlighter and emphasize the center of your forehead. Put a triangle with the light powder under each eye, the chin should be emphasized as in the photo.

With the contouring powder, it gets exciting, as you can also see in the picture. You should use dark powder to frame your face on both sides. This creates the effect of an oval face.

With this face shape, you don’t have to blend in so diligently. Your facial features are already soft, so the made-up contours can be seen a little.

Extra tip: Do you have a round face? Then emphasize your eyes with expressive make-up, such as smokey eyes. So, draw attention directly to your eyes.

Make up an Oval Face Narrower

The oval shape of the face is particularly harmonious on its own. The proportions are even, and you don’t have to be fiddled with makeup to make the face appear narrower.

Emphasize the areas under the eyes with a highlighter, preferably up to under the outer eyebrows. The chin should also be given a touch of highlighter in the middle.

A very fine line with contouring powder emphasizes the chin, and the area under the cheekbones can also be highlighted a little with dark powder. Now a fine line between the forehead and the hairline.

Blend everything softly with a large brush.

Extra tip: When it comes to the choice of your eye or lip make-up, you can let your preferences run wild. Strong accents are also possible, but it is best to use either the eyes or the lips so as not to look too “overloaded”.

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What should be considered?

In order to achieve the best possible result, good make-up should be used in advance, which covers evenly and makes it look fresh. The tint shouldn’t be too dark and match your complexion! “All transitions should be soft and only visible as shadows.

The good thing about it: The face not only looks narrower, but the contouring also gives it a completely new, different depth and three-dimensionality. Round, square, or heart-shaped faces can easily be made into a new shape. Rounded cheeks develop beautiful, deep cheekbones by themselves.

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