Coconut Girl Style, The Trend That Sweeps

Surely you have seen more than one girl wearing a different style, very summery and striking with a nostalgic air. In their social networks, you can see how they nail this trend that is sweeping this season. This is the coconut girl aesthetic, one of the most viral among generation Z.

What Is The Coconut Girl Style?

The coconut girl style serves to define the latest trend that has emerged worldwide, and that starts from the surfer aesthetic of the 2000s. From this nostalgia for clothes from two decades ago, a new summer wave arises in which prints Hawaiians and hibiscus flowers cannot be missed.

Crochet garments, halter neck crop tops, or tropical print mini dresses have a place in this beach style. As for accessories, do not miss the platform sandals, the caps bucket, the plastic rings or necklaces of beads or shells, and everything inspired by the sea.

How Did You Dress As A Coconut Girl?

If you want to get into this trend that has revolutionized this summer in which there is so much desire to have fun, in Polynesia we show you some of the models with which you will not fail: dresses, shorts, shirts, t-shirts or bikinis are part of this style with the one that you are going to dazzle in this summer that has been waiting for so long.

Hibiscus flower jumpsuit dress

A total must-have, this super comfortable and cool short jumpsuit is made with 100% viscose fabric. It can not be missing in your wardrobe for its original square neckline and tropical print with hibiscus flowers in vibrant colors for a coconut girl look with lots of light.

Swim shorts with tropical print

The pineapples, palm leaves, and hibiscus flowers are the protagonists of this short bath design gradient in pinks, blues, and greens. Pair it with your favorite swimsuit or crochet top to enhance the coconut girl aesthetic.

Cropped Hawaiian shirt

A garment with a vintage air print in pastel yellow with large orange hibiscus flowers and small palm trees, ideal for enjoying sunny days like never before. Pair it with denim shorts for a casual and nostalgic surfer look.

Cropped T-shirt with daisies

The daisy print is also great to combine this year and create your coconut look. With this top with thin straps and a rounded neckline, you will not go unnoticed.

Tie-dye bikini

With an orange and white striped tie-dye print, this triangle bikini with tie detail will become one of your favorites to nail the coconut girl aesthetic like no one else. You won’t want to wear another one!

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