Staying In Trend: What Your 2021 Fall Wardrobe Should Look Like

The season of crisp leaves, scarves, and pumpkins is upon us. And while most of us are usually cooped up indoors, that doesn’t mean we can’t dress up for the days you do go out. In fact, world-renowned designers like Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta recently unveiled their fall collections during New York Fashion Week, setting the trend as to what our third-quarter wardrobe should look like.

That being said, if you want to stay in trend this upcoming season, below are some of your wardrobe must-haves.

’90s Apparel

‘90s fashion has been enjoying a revival these past few months, and come fall, more people are donning the decade’s staple pieces from head to toe. In fact, here’s fashion blogger Isabella Hadid flaunting those boot-cut jeans:

To hop on the trend, you can mix a cropped cardigan with a miniskirt and sneakers with ankle socks, or match that silk slip dress with a white shirt and a pair of boots.

You can also piece together “old school dad” clothes like khakis and polos and top it off with some snazzy retro footwear. Jordan Brand recently announced their upcoming fall retro collection, which includes at least 14 colorways. There’s even a women’s-exclusive “Gym Red” Air Jordan that’ll look great with a pair of high-waisted vintage shorts.

Loose-Fitting Denim

While we’ll always love skinny jeans, this fall, swap them for looser styles like mom jeans, straight-leg cuts, flares, boot cuts, and the highly-coveted “boyfriend jeans.” If you need some inspiration, just look at how makeup mogul Kylie Jenner rocked this pair of baggy denim.

Pair them with a slim-fit tee, a crop top, or a tailored blazer for that effortlessly stylish look.

Oversized Tops

If loose-fitting denim isn’t your style, you can always wear other loose pieces, like an oversized top! With the rise of the VSCO girl era, oversized clothing, not pants, became a big hit again. Now, oversized pieces are virtually seen everywhere, from sweaters and hoodies to t-shirts and blazers, and more of them will make an appearance this fall. American model Hailey Bieber is already riding the trend.

Just make sure that you balance out this look with a slimmer fit elsewhere. For instance, under your oversized coat, you may want to sport a fitted shirt and slimmer jeans. Incidentally, our article ‘How to Choose Your Outfit to Be Fashionable in All Circumstances‘ recently highlighted how slim jeans are in trend no matter what the season is. You can also wear an oversized jacket over a hoodie.

And remember: buy clothes that are purposely oversized to avoid looking like you just borrowed your uncle’s tee.

Vibrant Pieces

International fashion magazine Marie Claire has predicted that vibrant shades will dominate the streets and runways of fall. And much like most of their predictions, this one was on point. Here’s Harper’s Bazaar’s fashion blogger Anna Vitiello sporting these vibrant accessories just in time for the beginning of fall.

To rock this trend, play with those bright colors. For example, you can go with an army green bomber jacket, a mustard yellow sweater vest, or a bright pink blazer. Of course, remember to tone it down with neutral accessories or a tiny monochrome piece of clothing (like a scarf) to balance the look.

However, no matter what this fall’s trends are, you should always pick clothes that mesh well with your own style. After all, nobody can — and should — dictate what looks good on you, other than yourself.

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