Beauty Trends To Follow In 2021 According To Pinterest

A report with predictions on the behavior of beauty addicts for 2021 has just been unveiled by the Pinterest platform. Come and discover the beauty trends to follow this year.

The year 2021 has barely started, and, although it does not promise to be rich in the good news (due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic), one thing is certain. ‘She’ll be rich in beauty trends, which will cheer us up a bit in times of crisis, right? Moreover, the Pinterest platform has made its forecast report for this new year. She unveils the most successful fashion and beauty trends. How? ‘Or’ What? Thanks to Pinterest Predicts, which forecasts the behavior of beauty addicts in 2021, thanks to data generated on Pinterest

Minimalist Beauty, Original Makeup: The Trends Deciphered

Minimalist beauty: Kézako? The principle of this trend is to adopt a simple and effective beauty routine. It has been highly appreciated since 2020, undoubtedly since the compulsory wearing of the mask. A period that significantly impacted the sales of certain must-have make-ups such as lipstick. On the other hand, research related to skincare has seen a sharp increase. Clearly, to follow the trend, we avoid unsightly layers of foundation. On the contrary, you work your skin lightly, focusing on treatments, exercises (facial massages, “facial yoga”) over makeup.

Original makeup: Research for more natural beauty has exploded, and paradoxically, so has the research for a bold makeup. The indie make-up stands out strongly. It is a colorful makeup that is available on the nails. Moreover, the search for “original nails” was multiplied by 21 and “smiley nails” by 9. ” Butterfly eye makeup ” was six times more sought after than in 2019. A beautiful way to create a contrast with the gray cloud that has reigned over the entire planet for almost a year.

As for ” discolored eyebrows “, they are also experiencing phenomenal success with an estimated increase in research of 160% (and 120% for “gothic eyebrows”)!

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