Back Pain Is A Big Burden. Tips To Get Rid Of This Health Problem

Back pain can make it difficult to function in everyday life to a significant extent. The insidiousness of this problem is that many times it is very difficult to find out where it comes from. Is it bone damage or muscle dysfunction? About some neurological disease? Maybe it’s the result of a one-time injury or the wrong sleeping position? Finding the source of the pain is half the battle. However, before you start looking for some disease on a physiological level, allow yourself a moment of honesty. Back pain is often caused by an incorrect lifestyle without movement. We have some tips for you, how you can treat yourself to relief from unpleasant pains by making small changes in your daily life.

Location matters

The internet portal draws attention to the importance of learning which are the right sleeping positions for us. If you love resting on your back, you’ve won. This position is considered ideal by many experts. But not by any means. You should not have more pillows under your head so that your spine does not accidentally curve in an unnatural way. It also depends, of course, on the quality of the mattress and/or bed, but this factor is key in any sleeping position.

Even the side position can be quite healthy, especially if you pull your knees towards your chest. Your spine can easily relax like this. However, since this way one shoulder and one side of the hips are in contact with the bed, your mattress should not be too firm, but must follow the line of your body.

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Movement for easier movement

Healthy exercise and/or physical therapy can work wonders. The cause of back and musculoskeletal pain is often to be found in impaired muscle function. Correctly performed exercises can strengthen weaker areas, relax tense ones, but also help with the acquisition of correct movement patterns. It is not uncommon for complete recovery to be achieved by changing posture, walking, and other normal movements.

You have probably already heard about the beneficial effects of swimming . It represents one of the best sports for relieving discomfort in the spine. If you know that your pain is caused by a sedentary lifestyle or working at a computer, you most likely need to relieve stiffness. Start swimming regularly. It can bring positive changes even with a hernia.

Yoga is considered by many to be an unrivaled method of pain prevention. It positively affects posture, improves breathing quality, strengthens muscles and relieves stress. In the event that you want to start this type of exercise not with the aim of preventing health problems, because they are already present, in any case consult an expert about which type of yoga will be the best for you.

What are you wearing?

Would you say that back pain can also be caused by incorrectly chosen shoes ? Wearing high heels, for example, throws the body out of balance and causes an unnatural posture of the spine. Well, that is already a direct path to unpleasant sensations and even pain in the spine. However, this certainly does not mean that the solution is the exact opposite. Soles that are too flat present the same risk. They burden the legs and indirectly also the spine.

A good method to determine if you need new shoes is to observe when your back pain worsens. If this happens after a long walk, you have probably found a stumbling block. Consult an expert before choosing new shoes.

Against stomach aches

Chronic back pain can also be caused by a lack of vitamin D. Ask your doctor to measure your level of this element. If you do not get optimal results, you will need to increase its intake. The best source of this miracle hormone is sunlight. But in winter, when there are fewer of them, buy nutritional supplements containing vitamin D. In addition, many foods also contain it, e.g. fish or egg yolk.

Tense muscles due to lack of magnesium can also hide in the background of pain. Preparations with magnesium provide a quick and effective solution to this problem.

Many preparations for pain contain the so-called capsaicin, which also causes the pungent taste of peppers. Chilli is perceived by many as an analgesic due to the belief that it releases endorphins in the body. If you don’t feel like experimenting and testing home methods, try something proven.

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