Do You Want To Stay Fit? You Should Definitely Avoid This Food Before Going To Bed

Whether you’re thinking about your health, exercising regularly or trying to lose weight, be careful about what, how much and when you eat. But what should you definitely miss in the evening for sleeping?

Dark chocolate

Yes, chocolate, and especially dark chocolate, brings with it many benefits for your health. But it is necessary to be careful with her as well. Anytime during the day, when you need to supply energy, feel free to indulge yourself. Because it is a source of natural stimulants such as caffeine and theobromine, it is definitely not suitable before bedtime. For a certain period after consumption, chocolate affects your nervous system, so the process of falling asleep is therefore much more difficult. And chocolate before bed will not help you with anabolic processes in the body either.


Cereals from the store – crunchy, sweet, but simply tempting – at no cost! However, if you still can’t give up cereals, eat them in the morning, that’s when their consumption is optimal. Well, certainly not for dinner. They contain too much sugar, which increases the blood sugar level at a time of day when your metabolism slows down and sugar is stored in fat stores. As an alternative, you can easily choose unflavored popcorn.

Ice cream

Ice cream also contains a significant amount of carbohydrates, which contribute to an increase in your body weight. Even the higher fat content in creamy versions of the popular summer dish will not benefit you. And this is not just about gaining weight, but also about problems with sleep and regeneration of the body during the sleep process. Instead, try cottage cheese flavored with honey, mixed with, for example, chia seeds.

Pretzels, crackers, chips, etc.

It happens that a person usually reaches for something salty in the evening while watching TV. The biggest problem is that they have a high glycemic index due to the white flour they are made from. Add to that the fact that during consumption you easily lose track of how much you actually ate. Next time, try homemade chips made from different types of vegetables.

Creamy flavored yogurt

Definitely don’t deny yourself yogurt, but you need to know what to reach for. Be sure to avoid cream with a fruit or chocolate flavor in the evening before going to bed. Such yogurts contain a lot of carbohydrates and are unsuitable in the evening. However, you can’t go wrong with Greek-style white yogurt.

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