Beauty & Wellness – Around The World In Five Massages

Hawaii and Indonesia. The distant paradises are not yet reachable. But nearby, you can find the emotion of a journey to exotic paradises with a special message that has its roots in millenary traditions.

We start with Hawaii and with the Lomi-Lomi-Nui that can be experienced at the Alpenpalace Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat in the Ahrntal Valley, in the province of Bolzano (BZ). It is a total body massage that aims to achieve well-being and harmony with oneself and the surrounding environment.

Long and fluid movements, sometimes practised with the forearm, alternate with the delicate loosening of the joints and the energetic massage. This type of massage, combined with a heated body oil accompanied by Hawaiian sounds, relaxes and frees the spirit.

From the Rising Sun comes the inspiration for Ofuro, a ritual of the purification of the body and spirit to remove the daily stress that consists in immersing oneself, after having washed, in a bathtub full of hot water. A journey through space and time towards Japan to be experienced at the Lido Palace in Riva del Garda.

The hot bath is an experience of purification and regeneration that recalls an ancient gesture, reserving caring touches and gestures for the body. Outside the tub, the scent of lotus and neroli flowers released on the body by the massage with the sweet rice cream relaxes and dissolves all tension from head to toe.

From Indonesia comes the Pantai Luar proposed at the Romantik Hotel Turm in Fiè allo Sciliar, in the province of Bolzano. The body is massaged with bundles of herbs and a warm oil with plant extracts.

The technique has a relaxing and, at the same time, revitalizing effect because, thanks to the particular mixture of active ingredients, blood circulation is improved, muscle tension is dissolved, and toxins are eliminated. The herbs, spices and fruits wrapped in the bundles give a deep sense of relaxation.

It is a short step from the scenery where the mythical peaks of Tibet stand out to the marvellous Dolomites. Lying on the massage bed of the Romantik Hotel Post Cavallino Bianco in Nova Levante, in the province of Bolzano, you can indulge in the Vitalis massage resonanz Dorsalis, a relaxing massage with Tibetan bells and cups that together help to dissolve tension.

Thanks to massage techniques and natural-based products, the treatment promotes relaxation on a psychological and physical level; reactivates the metabolism, gives relief, calm and positivity; it dissolves the energy blocks created by stressful situations and helps eliminate toxins.

In India, Ayurveda, which boasts a tradition of five thousand years, is considered a natural Science of Life that points the way to harmony in a perfect balance of body, mind and spirit.

In the province of Bolzano, the Excelsior Dolomites Life Resort in San Vigilio di Marebbe offers exclusive treatments for global well-being, such as Abhyanga, a massage with vegetable oils that harmoniously combines different techniques to relax and revitalize the body.

Also from the Indian tradition comes the Udvartana, a scrub massage practised on the whole body with a blend of natural oils and flours that gives soft skin, stimulates circulation and fights swelling and water retention.

Mukhabhyanga is an effective facial treatment that improves the quality of the skin, releasing its beauty. At the same time, Padabhyanga is a foot massage from ancient Indian medicine that produces both a relaxing effect on the lower limbs and a pleasant feeling of well-being for the whole body.

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