Almost Every Hairstyle Succeeds In This Way

Who does not know the women with the perfectly styled hair? It almost seems like these women take forever to style their hair. It doesn’t matter whether it’s elaborate half-up buns, space buns or fine curls. Some women perfect the hairstyle game in everyday life. But what if you can easily imitate complex hairstyles yourself with just a few tips? This article shows the tips and tools that can be used to achieve almost any hairstyle.

Hairstyles – More complex than expected

Anyone who has ever tried to imitate a seemingly simple hairstyle with the help of a tutorial, be it via YouTube, social media or a magazine, has probably quickly found that it is more complex than expected. Braided hairstyles, Dutch braids and Co. look quick to make. Unfortunately, the opposite is often the case. Imitating a hairstyle usually requires a certain amount of sensitivity. Sometimes something has to be helped. With clip-in extensions made of real hair, for example, you can conjure up long hair in no time.

Practice creates masters

Even if you probably want to hear something completely different at this point, nothing beats regular hairstyle practice. After all, no hairstyle master has fallen from the sky. All women started out small and probably failed the first time they tried braiding their hair. However, by repeating the movements frequently, they are now able to imitate hairstyles within a few minutes. Even hairdressers first have to learn their craft in order to be able to conjure up fabulous hairstyles later on. Nevertheless, there are some tools and tips that can help even beginners to get the perfect hairstyle.

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It starts with washing your hair

The hair is usually only shaped into a beautiful hairstyle when it is dry. However, to make this easier, you should already pay attention to your hair when washing your hair. Many believe that the structure of their hair cannot be changed and that the hairstyle simply does not work. Wrong thought. Most of the time, the wrong shampoo is simply used. Just as there are skin types, there are also hair types. It is therefore all the more important to adjust the shampoo afterwards in order to preserve the naturalness of the hair. After washing with shampoo, conditioner is a must. However, this should never be massaged into the roots, but only into the tips. This keeps the hair on the head easy to grip and the tips become nice and soft. To make the hair even more manageable and the structure of the hair a little more compact, you should use mousse after washing.

Styling when dry

If you want to conjure up a beautiful hairstyle, you need a few tools. In addition to a comb, braids and hair clips, dry shampoo has also proven to be a true miracle cure for hairstyles. Dry shampoo is actually used to remove excess oil from your hair. But it can also be very helpful when it comes to styling. Dry shampoo gives volume to the hair. The more volume the hair has, the easier it is to work with it. Dry shampoo does a good job, especially with braided or updo hairstyles .

More tips

How the hair gets the ideal structure for a beautiful hairstyle is now clear. However, if the hair does not play along, you can save the hairstyle with a few simple tips.


Hairspray is a true all-rounder. It fixes the hair and provides a beautiful shine. If your hair doesn’t want to hold up, you can use a little hairspray to help. You can also spray hairspray on an unused toothbrush to smooth out fine hairs. You can also spray bobby pins with hairspray to make them hold better.


With teased hair you can easily create hairstyles. However, since backcombing takes time and the hair has to be combed out well afterwards so that no knots form, many women shy away from this option. Nevertheless, backcombing has many advantages.

There are just days when the hairstyle just doesn’t want to sit. However, if you follow the advice given and pay attention to the tips, even the most stubborn hair can be turned into a beautiful hairstyle.

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