9 Things You Should Clean Up After A Flu Wave

If members of your family are affected by the flu virus, it’s definitely not pleasant. In families with children, this can be especially tiring. One child is infected with the flu, then another, and before you know it, you will also become infected. One solution is to prevent infection by disinfecting things. You should clean up these nine things before the flu epidemic breaks out in your home again.

Remote Control

You are relaxing, lying on a sofa or in bed and feeling exhausted. As the flu suddenly knocks you out, you can’t do anything better than lie down, sleep, and maybe watch a movie or TV. Since there are a lot of bacteria and viruses on the remote control, it is good to disinfect it. The flu virus can survive on these types of surfaces for up to 24 hours! Therefore, disinfect the controller whenever someone in your family becomes ill. You can easily clean it with a wet cleaning swab.


Like the remote control, we very often touch our phones. When we are sick, we do not want to lose touch with the outside world, so we often spend a lot of time scrolling on social networks. Disinfect your phone every day with a wet cleaning swab, and of course the rest of the family will learn that too, especially when they are sick.

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Bed Sheet

The flu virus may not survive on soft surfaces for long, but when your partner is ill or when your sick child is sleeping in your bed, it is wise to change the bedding to prevent the disease. When the flu wave is almost over, it’s time to wash the pillow and the blanket in addition to the laundry. If washing is not possible for you, place them in a plastic bag and seal it completely. The virus dies within 24 to 48 hours.

Plush Toys

Your sick children may not like it, but their stuffed pet will have to go through a cleansing treatment. Give plush toys a nice warm bath in the washing machine or put them in a sealed plastic bag for a few days to destroy the virus.

Tooth Brush

If you brush your teeth twice a day, your toothbrush is definitely a huge source of bacteria. Of course, when you have the flu, it’s even worse. Make sure the sick person’s toothbrush is not in the same container as other people’s toothbrushes and replace it as soon as the flu wave ends again.

Your Hands

You wash your hands after each visit to the toilet (right?!), But if you or the people around you have the flu, it is handy to wash your hands a little more often. This can significantly reduce the risk of contamination. Use antibacterial soap and wash your hands whenever you touch a sick family member.

Have you already informed the whole family about these measures?

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