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8 Steps To Find Your Style

A closet full of things, nothing to wear is the common reality of many women. I didn’t pass the exam? I will buy a purse for comfort. Did I pass the exam? I will reward myself with a new T-shirt. There is always a reason to buy a new piece, until you wake up in the middle of the night to a crash because your hanger fell, a real story from my life.

People are visual creatures and within the first five seconds they will form an image of you based on your style and presentation. But how do you find the right style with a closet full of knock-off belts from your punk-rock era to 12-centimeter pumps fit only for sitting?

Find your fashion icon

Our old familiar social networks are the best way to start. Type the word “style icon” or “fashion icon” into Instagram or Pinterest and get started. Save what you like, come back to it and look for new topics. It is unlikely that you will find exactly one person whose style will be your dream, but combine and play!

Write down what you like

Look at the pictures you have saved and write down on paper what interests you about them. Colors? Shapes? Patterns? Do you prefer elegant feminine shapes or are you more interested in jeans, a T-shirt and converse. There are many styles and it is easy to get lost in them, so be clear and consistent in your observations. Pay attention to the details, especially those that distinguish you from others.

Take a picture of your best outfits

Those days when you think they could take a picture of you for the fashion police and you would beat them. A person looks different when he is happy with the way he looks and everyone notices it too. And the outfit can help you feel attractive and unmissable. Be your own role model!

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Find your unique piece

Every fashion icon has one piece that is specific to her. It can be a simple chain from grandma or a big coat. This piece will become so personal for you that it will not be the same without it.

Notice what is repeated in your closet

If you have six white blouses and five black skirts in your closet, it means that you always reach for this piece because it makes you feel comfortable and gives you self-confidence. Therefore, repeat these purchases, experiment with similar pieces. Swap patterns, length, shape, maybe color. Don’t worry that you’ll be boring, because you’ll only wear that pink mini dress twice anyway, and you’ll end up reaching for your favorite classic.

Identify unusual pieces in your wardrobe

Do you have a few pieces in your wardrobe that don’t suit you at all in terms of style, but they still caught your eye and you bought them? So this is exactly the direction to go when you need a little experiment. Do you have a beautiful elegant skirt in a flood of jeans and T-shirts? Maybe this is the change to try!

Emphasize your strengths

Do you often get compliments on your nice legs or torso? Don’t try to follow trends by force, but buy pieces that underline your strengths.

Get to know yourself

Beauty comes from within, so listen to yourself and your instincts. Wear what you feel comfortable in and not what others like. Because it’s very popular to wear a tiger cap, you don’t have to have one either, because if you can’t sell it, you’ll look comical. On the other hand, for example, a short leather jacket can turn you into a diva!

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