6 Tips To Get Longer Eyelashes

Do you dream of a beautiful doe look and having long curved eyelashes, but yours are short, fine and few? Don’t panic, fortunately there are tricks to grow your eyelashes. Read this article, and you will know everything!

1. Remove Makeup every night

If you want to grow your lashes naturally, it’s important to take good care of them . And it starts with makeup removal . Because to have beautiful eyelashes, it is imperative to remove your make-up at the end of each day. Makeup suffocates the eyelashes, and if they are not removed, their regrowth is slowed down overnight. Since they do not regenerate, they are more brittle and fall off more. In general, the absence of make-up removal is harmful to the skin and the eyes. Even if you feel a little demotivated, always take the time to remove your make-up before going to bed, your eyelashes will only be better off.

2. Rub your Eyes, but not too hard

If you’re the type to rub your eyes when you’re tired or when they sting, then better stop for the health of your eyelashes. These gestures that relieve you are likely to tear your eyelashes , and these take time to grow back. If your eyes are itchy, massage your eyelids, but stay away from your eyelashes.

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3. Nourish Eyelashes with Vegetable Oils

To strengthen your eyelashes, you can use oils. Those of almonds, olive or castor is interesting because they have active ingredients that strengthen the eyelashes and promote their growth. You can buy an empty mascara tube and pour some oil into it. With the brush, you only have to apply it every night before going to bed, being careful that the oil does not get into your eyes. You will soon notice a difference!

4. Use Eyelash Serum

Serums stimulate the growth of eyelashes and soften them : they therefore become more curved . Just apply a light dose to the top and bottom edges. Do this treatment morning and evening until you get the desired result. It may last a few weeks.

5. Apply Mascara correctly

Did you know that the way you apply your mascara matters in the final result of your eyelashes?

If you want to lengthen your eyelashes , apply a first layer of mascara on your eyelashes from bottom to top. Then, put the brush at the level of the eyelashes and go up in zigzag until the top. This allows them to be separated while giving them volume.

To curl them , you can use an eyelash curler before applying your mascara. Some have a round rubber pad, for a more natural effect.

And if you want to add volume to your eyelashes, put the mascara brush at the base of your eyelashes, and lift it by swirling it along your eyelashes.

You can apply a second layer to perfect the first, but be careful: your mascara must not have dried out, otherwise you will have a “package” effect.

6. Opt for a good Diet

Like hair and nails , your eyelashes will be stronger if you eat the right foods. Prefer those that contain a lot of keratin, such as fish, pulses, eggs, chicken. You can also consume vitamin C and brewer’s yeast.

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