6 Tips For The Perfect Boutique And Fashion Interior

The interior of your boutique or your fashion store embodies the soul of your business: even from the outside, when looking through the shop window, passers-by can tell whether they like the atmosphere inside – and, based on their first impression, decide whether they want to come in. In the best case – and with these six valuable tips – your facility will become a figurehead and the basis of your economic success.

Tip 1: Proper planning with a business plan is the be-all and end-all

Your business plan is the best place to start when planning your fashion store interior. This should be your first step if you haven’t created one yet because your business plan provides you with important data and clues so you can choose the right furniture for your business and not miscalculate it.

The right furniture for your target group

The competition in the fashion industry is immense. In the future, your fashion boutique will not only have to assert itself against large fashion chains with their low prices but also against other owner-managed shops. You can do this by specifically addressing a specific target group. Ideally, you already have what is in your business plan.

Now it’s a matter of finding the right shop fittings for fashion that appeal to your target group. At the same time, the furniture should harmonize with the style of the fashion you want to sell. You have countless options: a modern, simple interior with glass and steel makes a completely different impression than playful wooden furniture and thus also attracts other interested parties.

Your budget for fitting out your fashion store

In addition to design aspects and principles of product presentation, you should always keep an eye on your budget when buying shop fittings for your boutique. The business plan will also help you here: Here, you have already defined how much money you can spend on the interior of your shop. Even if you find it difficult, you should stick to it. You can always add to or replace the existing furniture if things go well later. On the other hand, starting with a big minus can, in the worst case, drive you into bankruptcy.

Tip 2: Save with used shop fittings

You can save a lot of money by buying used furniture. This principle is not only true in private but also in business. If your budget for fitting the boutique is tight, you can save a lot by purchasing used counters, mannequins, and decorations from a business liquidation.

However, you should not only focus on low prices. If the fashion furnishings already have visible signs of wear or if they don’t fit your business idea at all, you’ll quickly pay for the initial savings with a lack of customers. Only buy used goods carriers, sales tables, and stands if you are impressed by their design and quality.

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Tip 3: Shop fittings in the boutique focus on the customer

You may have heard of what is known as customer centricity. This marketing concept, which has become widespread, focuses on the customer – both in the selection of your product range, the services offered as well as in the opening times, and, of course, the shop design. When choosing shop furniture, the focus should not be on what is practical for you and your employees. Instead, it’s about making the shopping experience as pleasant as possible for your customers with the help of the principles of product presentation.

It’s all about emotions: Products, offers, and services can easily be copied. On the other hand, the atmosphere and the shopping feeling on site should make your boutique unique. By being convincing in this respect, you can attract the online shopping generation to your store and be successful in the black market.

The best way to design your business premises is to follow an overall concept that has been worked out beforehand and adapted to your target group. With a suitable color scheme, lighting, natural materials, and the right decoration, you can skilfully present your goods with the principles of a good presentation. Because if your customers feel comfortable in your fashion boutique, they will stay longer to browse and probably decide to try on and buy your collections – and of course, come back later satisfied.

Tip 4: Divide up shop space correctly and guide customers in a targeted manner

Without furnishings, your future fashion boutique is just a space like any other. Only the right shop fittings for the boutique becomes a business. Even if the entire boutique should follow a uniform concept, most customers are overwhelmed when you present your entire range to them at once. Therefore, it is important to direct the flow of customers in a targeted manner and divide the retail space into temperate areas.

Depending on the target group, you can organize your range into age groups, colors, collections, seasons, etc. Signs and displays must clearly show what is where. Otherwise, you will have to answer the same questions about placements repeatedly in the future, or you will lose customers because they cannot find their way around.

In addition to the principles of product presentation, keep in mind that people have an innate drive to do justice. They orient themselves in this direction, prefer to reach for shelves on the right-hand side, and explore your store in right-hand bends. Use this knowledge to your advantage by placing popular product groups and possible impulse purchases in the natural direction of travel.

Tip 5: The entrance area as a figurehead

The point of the store that every customer inevitably crosses is the entrance area. You can take advantage of this by placing cheap special offers and popular take-away items here. With exhibitors who invite you to browse and discover, you draw the attention of passers-by to your shop and, in the best case, even lure them inside.

Make sure that your entrance area doesn’t look overloaded at the end. Those who have to squeeze their way through numerous product displays to the front door tend to be deterred. At the same time, potential customers feel they are on display at an open entrance. Properly designed, your store will attract prospects from outside and slow them down at the entrance so they can calm down and not rush on.

Your shop window can also fulfill this role if you have one. Here you give an insight into your current range. It is best to use at least one eye-catcher that catches the eye from afar. Humans are naturally curious. Satisfy this need and lure them into your boutique with a versatile presentation and appealing offers.

Tip 6: Changing rooms – a chore or an opportunity?

In addition to mannequins, goods displays, and a cash register, every fashion boutique also needs changing rooms. After all, your customers usually want to try on the clothes before they buy them. Rather than seeing the fitting room set up as a chore that takes up valuable retail space, you can see this part of fashion store interiors as an opportunity to give your customers a special experience.

Dressing rooms tend to get a bad rap, especially among women. Do it better: Pay particular attention to the following aspects to ensure sufficient privacy and practical extras, but also fun and a feel-good atmosphere:

  • Reliable privacy protection
  • Privacy off the beaten path
  • Clear identification
  • Sufficient space in the cab
  • Enough mirrors
  • Clear but not artificial lighting
  • Hanging and storage options
  • Comfortable waiting area

Conclusion: This is how you succeed in furnishing the shop effortlessly

The store concept and the right furnishings go hand in hand. It’s not enough to buy a few product displays and somehow place them on your business premises. Instead, the right boutique furnishings will make a difference in the success or failure of your dream business. Before you buy it, you should therefore draw up a business plan and a detailed store concept. Download our handy checklist and take the next step toward a successful fashion boutique!

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