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Facial Care For Men: 6 Steps To Show Off A Flawless Face

Do you want to show off a cared-for face, keep your skin young, looking good, and you don’t know how to do it? With these simple steps you can achieve it.

Men’s facial care requires attention and perseverance like the one put by the models and influencers of the moment such as Guillermo Campra , Mike Fajardo , Gabriel Guevara or even Álvaro Mel . The help of aesthetic products provides you with an asset that you should not give up. If you are a man and want to take care of your face, here are the steps to follow and some of the products that you should not miss.

6 Basic Steps in Men’s Facial Care

Start taking care of yourself now, especially if you are over 25 years old. Acquire habits , keep a record and you will see how, after a while, the results are more than evident. Follow these steps:


Wash your face well, at least twice a day, when you get up and when you go to bed. This is how you remove sweat and dirt, while toning it.


From time to time, do a more intense cleansing of your face, to oxygenate it, let the pores of your skin breathe and remove dead cells from it.


With a clean, fresh face and free of impurities and obstructions in the pores, it moisturizes to give firmness and elasticity. This is the basis of the fight against the deterioration and aging process.


Take care of your complexion from external and internal attacks. Apply sunscreen to prevent premature aging. Moisturize to prevent the skin from drying out when it’s very cold. Sleep and rest to combat bags and dark circles. Exercise to look more dynamic, youthful and healthy. Eat well to nourish your skin and help it retain its elasticity and firmness. Avoid tobacco and caffeine.

Takes care

Protect your face in everything you do, whether it’s with a good sleeping posture that doesn’t leave permanent wrinkles, shaving in or right after the shower to take advantage of the opening of the pores and the softness of the hairs of those moments or drinking a lot water to tone


Acquire and maintain skin care habits . Take care of the most sensitive areas, such as bags and dark circles, expression wrinkles and sagging of the neck.

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