11 Skin Care Tips From Real Beauty Experts

Have you ever wondered what the skin care routine of a real skin care expert looks like? You’re probably thinking that as your knowledge of skin care increases, so does your routine. But you thought wrong!

We asked 11 experts what their most important tips for beautiful and healthy skin are. These are their answers.

“Get to know and understand your skin.”

Only when you understand what type of skin you have and what your skin condition is will you know what your skin needs and can care for it properly.

It took me a long time to understand that I have dehydrated oily skin.

By understanding my skin type, I was able to find out which active ingredients my skin needed and thus find the right products for me .

“A thorough and mild cleaning is more important than you think.”

For many people, cleansing the skin appears to be more of a chore than an option in the context of the rest of their routine. Proper cleansing plays a crucial role in the condition of the skin .

Of course, if you don’t clean enough, you risk impurities and inflammation caused by dirt or make-up. But anyone who cleanses too intensively or with the wrong products is not doing their skin any good. This can disrupt the skin barrier – the result: dry and pale skin that can become tight or irritated.

Therefore, when cleaning, the following applies: thoroughly, but mildly . This is how you set the optimal basis for an effective care routine.

“Exfoliate your skin regularly.”

Routines make life much easier and provide pleasant structure and security in our often hectic everyday lives. When used correctly, skin care routines also give us a beautiful complexion . So with regular cleaning and daily skin care, it probably works really well. But with the specials that are not used every day (e.g. peeling and/or mask), things can sometimes become more difficult. I didn’t think about it for once and BANG! You’re out of nice regularity. That’s why here’s my hot tip for a regular peeling routine that removes dead skin cells, makes your skin more receptive to subsequent care and guarantees a radiantly beautiful complexion.

My peeling routine is a Sunday ritual. Because I am a self-confessed Sunday crime watcher. Ideal for adding another routine to. So I cleanse my face before Sunday’s thriller and apply my AHA peeling . Because AHA acids need at least 15 minutes to be optimally effective, I can let it absorb in peace while I watch the thriller. After the thriller, your teeth are brushed and ideally a moisturizing mask or moisturizing serum is applied. Then it’s off to bed. And on Monday morning I am happy about the beautiful glow on my face and smooth, soft and well-groomed skin .

“Care for the skin inside and out.”

My heartfelt recommendation is not to look at the skin in isolation, but rather holistically . Especially with skin problems such as acne, neurodermatitis, rosacea & co. It’s worth taking a closer look and recognizing connections. If you have acne, you may also have other “problems”: E.g. problems with your intestines, menstrual cycle disorders, are you often sick, constantly tired or are you under stress?

Skin problems should be understood as a warning signal from the body. The skin tells us something, it is like a reflection of our physical health . For example, if your cheeks glow after consuming red wine, then we know: I can’t tolerate it, I should leave it alone.

If the skin is inflamed, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, what we can see. The cause is usually much more far-reaching.

Therefore, in parallel to the treatment at the doctor and in addition to a good skin care routine, I recommend something that you can implement immediately, that you have in your own hands and that has a big impact – no matter what the cause of the skin problem is. And that is proper nutrition.

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“Wet your skin before using a serum or cream.”

Anyone who knows me knows: I love so-called “moisture sandwiches” . That said, I like to lock in the moisture to keep it in the skin. However, if the skin doesn’t have moisture to lock in, this can backfire.

“Strengthen the skin barrier and avoid aggressive cleansing rituals.”

Our skin is a highly developed, perfectly functioning organ. For us, good skin care simply supports the core functions of our skin. Because healthy skin is beautiful skin . Two things are particularly important to us:

  1. We love skin-identical active ingredients such as ceramides and ceramide precursors in mild formulations.
  2. We avoid aggressive cleaning rituals . We love our microfiber cloths, but there are now a variety of cleaners that are mildly formulated.

“My skin care secret weapon is facial massage.”

My secret weapon in my skin care routine is a regular Gua Sha massage . Blood circulation is improved, leaving skin looking fresher and feeling plumper. At the same time, she radiates a fresh, rosy complexion. The Gua Sha massage relaxes the facial muscles and stimulates blood circulation at the same time . Everything looks tighter and fresher – an absolutely relaxing and effective method.

At the same time, the application is intended, among other things , to rid the body of toxins by stimulating lymphatic flow – how does that work? Cleanse your face, apply oil, and always move the stone from the inside out to stimulate the lymph flow. Let the Gua Sha stone slide over the skin at a 45 degree angle, i.e. slightly slanted. Start at the jaw, then to the cheek and carefully along the eyes. Finally, the forehead – if you have a headache, it’s good to drag the stone from your forehead over your scalp. Definitely try it out. So effective!

“Small changes can make a big difference.”

Even minimal changes in everyday life can have a positive effect on the appearance of your skin. With these tips & tricks you can make your skin shine:

  • Sleep on your back to significantly prevent wrinkles around your eyes and décolleté
  • Don’t shower every day, wash instead
  • The same applies to washing your hair – get a high-quality massage brush and brush your hair and scalp daily, so your hair stays fresh longer and is permanently nourished
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Go to bed before 11 p.m
  • Don’t clean your face with running water, but with a warm washcloth or something similar – better for the skin and a little spa moment for you

“For me, when it comes to skin care, less is more!”

A few years ago, but even now, you can see the large number of products that appear in the morning or evening routine. Double cleansing, hydrospray, toner, serums upon serums, various creams and, ideally, a mask beforehand. This may be the right way for some and work well. It didn’t work for me and it was too much for my skin!

For most of us, especially beginners who are not yet able to properly evaluate ingredient lists, I recommend a small, consistent routine that is only supplemented with sun protection in the morning.

Healthy, beautiful skin basically doesn’t need more than a mild cleanser, a serum with a special active ingredient that suits the skin, and a cream that locks in moisture.

“A facial oil balances the skin.”

When it comes to facial care, I follow the principle of “less is more”: I like it when I understand the INCI list and when all the ingredients it contains make sense to me. There is nothing more magnificent than nature – and nothing better for us and our skin as natural active ingredients. Naked. Pure. Pure nature. That is our vision of cosmetics and that is how we create our products for radiant and healthy skin.

“Taking off makeup every evening is a must.”

The ultimate skin care tip , which my mother taught me at a very early age, is actually the first step in my routine: removing make-up . During the day I wear light make-up and like to highlight my eyes and lips. I also love refreshing my make-up a little in the evening. But what shouldn’t be missing after any stressful day or night of dancing is taking off your make-up. This is the only way my skin has a chance to regenerate itself overnight.

Conclusion: Skin care is easier than you think

As you can see, good skin care is actually quite simple, and you can optimize your routine with just a few simple tricks. You usually don’t need a lot of products or skin care tools. What is really important are:

  • A manageable routine,
  • Products that are perfectly tailored to your skin needs &
  • Mastering the basics – cleaning & care

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