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10 Essential Elements For Running

The world of running has changed a lot. Currently, we have a multitude of elements that facilitate the exercise. Interested? We list 10 essentials for runners, regardless of your level.

1. Sportswear

The first and most important thing is, of course, the clothes you are going to wear. Although, we are warning you that it is not necessary for you to spend a million. There are very complete kits at a very good price in most sports stores. We review what you will need!

Technical t-shirts

What is special about a technical shirt? The main characteristic of this type of fabric is that it is breathable and light . They are usually made of synthetic fibers that promote comfort and movement during exercise.

The most common materials in this type of shirt are polyester and elastane . Reasons? Lightness, elasticity and comfort. If you still resort to cotton to hit a marathon of several kilometers, you are going in the wrong direction, since they accumulate more sweat than synthetic fibers.

Depending on the weather and, above all, your tastes, you can choose one type of shirt or another. Today they are manufactured in many models :

  • Short sleeve shirts
  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Sleeveless shirts

Recommendation . If the weather is extremely cold, we recommend that you wear tight-fitting shirts. On the other hand, if the weather is hot or dry, loose-fitting T-shirts are best.

Pants and leggings

As in the previous case, the pants or leggings to be used must be as comfortable as possible. The goal is to make it easier for your body to move while running.

In addition, they must be breathable . In this way, you will prevent friction from bothering you during exercise and, consequently, causing skin irritation.

As with the shirts, you will find them in different types of lengths. Choose based on the climate of the city where you live. We recommend that they be as tight as possible to avoid rubbing.

Sports bra

In the case of women, if what you are looking for is extreme comfort during exercise, we recommend the use of sports bras. They are made of different materials, mostly elastane and synthetic fiber.

The main characteristics that you should take into account when looking for a sports bra is that it is thick, that it fits well to the body and that it offers support to the back .


In winter, a pair of running gloves is vitally important. The reason? This type of garment prevents the fingers from getting cold. We recommend the lycra ones and the tightest possible . In this way you will avoid friction.


Another essential in the cold months. In fact, we do not recommend that you go out without them, since they protect you from air, cold and rain . What should a good windbreaker be like? The most important thing is that it is light so that you do not feel heavy in the body while running. Keep in mind that the movement will make you (a little) warm up.

Compression knee pads

This type of accessory helps stabilize the knees and helps protect you against any fall . They are recommended, above all, for those athletes who are recovering from some type of injury in that area.


To avoid any type of chafing with footwear, we recommend you wear socks. Depending on the time of year, they are manufactured in different materials.

For example, if you live in cold areas, the best option will be thick cotton ones . Make sure they are breathable to avoid sweating and bad odors.

Sports band

Do you have long hair? With a sports band you will avoid swallowing hair during your running training. In addition, it absorbs the sweat from the forehead while you run.


The world of sports shoes is infinite. In these cases, it is best to go to a specialized store and ask the staff. You will have to indicate aspects such as the place where you are going to run and the distance covered.

In this way, you will find specific running shoes for your profile. What we do recommend is that you pay special attention to weight . The lighter they are, the more comfortable you will be.

They should also have cushioning. The reason? This way you will soften the fall of the foot and cushion the heel during the tour.

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2. Polarized running glasses

Did you know they existed? Well yes! They are a type of special glasses, designed to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays . In addition, they avoid annoying reflections and, due to their curved design, they prevent them from slipping when you sweat, fogging up and they are extremely light. The goal is for you to be comfortable @ and not get chafed.

3. Watch for runners

There are hundreds of watch models. What you should take into account when buying one is that it register aspects such as:

  • Heart rate measurement pulsometer
  • GPS or location
  • Measurements during the race
  • Possibility of programming series
  • Altitude measurement
  • Possibility to integrate music or connect with other devices
  • Bluetooth, to connect it with your wireless devices, for example, headphones

Although there are hundreds of models of watches for running, all at different prices. We recommend, if it is within your budget and you have an iPhone, that you opt for an Apple Watch . The most complete! In addition, you can use it outside of your sports routine through its multiple functions.

4. Armband for runners

Carrying your mobile always with you is not something new. Don’t know how to do it while running? With a bracelet! Its design will allow you to place it on your arm and control it easily .

5. Sports fanny pack

The most important thing during the exercise is that you are comfortable. We have repeated it throughout the article, yes, we know. You don’t have to carry big things while running, but enough to need a fanny pack .

Because? This type of bag is designed with several compartments in which you can store, for example, your bottle of water or isotonic drink. It will allow you to store the case of your wireless headphones (if you have them), as well as keys and other items.

They fit at the waist with a breathable band . This way you will avoid rubbing on the skin while you do your training.

6. Auriculares bluetooth

Music cheers anyone up! That is why we recommend that, during your exercise routine, you prepare a motivating playlist that turns your run into something totally dynamic and fun.

To avoid the discomfort of headphones with headphones, we recommend opting for wireless headphones . They connect via bluetooth to your device, be it a smartphone, smartwatch or other.

7. Protector solar

Any dermatologist recommends using sun protection throughout the year (and protection +50 ). If you are going to run, even more. You will be in contact with UV rays for a long time.

Let’s remember that sunscreen helps prevent skin aging , which means the appearance of spots, freckles and other lines of expression, as well as avoiding skin cancer . Taking care of yourself is vital!

8. Frontals for running

This is very important if you are going to be running for hours in low light . It is a device that is hooked both on the front of the body and on the back.

The objective? Make yourself more visible to other users , for example, if you are on the road. Also, if you are going through a particularly dark area, the light it provides will give you visibility and make your way easier.

9. Tube neck

Also thought for the coldest times . It is a multi-position garment, since you can use it as a hat or “scarf”. In this way, depending on the area where you are cold, you can protect: neck, ears, nose or mouth . Another must!

10. Energy snacks

If you are going to run long distances, we recommend you make a stop in between and eat something. Today, there are hundreds of varieties of energy snacks that will provide you with the energy and nutrients you need to continue the race.

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