How To Choose The Best Running Shoes

Running shoes are what tires are to the car. They assume contact with the ground, whatever type of terrain it may be. Hence the importance that these have for the athlete; They must be adapted to various circumstances that, on the one hand, will be specific to the individual and, on the other, specific to sports practice.

The anatomy

Each individual has its own anatomical characteristics. The size or shape are key elements when choosing a shoe. In a generic way, women tend to have a narrower foot while men have it wider and, therefore, the use of boy’s shoes for a girl would not be appropriate and vice versa. Regarding the size, it is important to know the number that is used regularly, and take into account that the sports shoe should never touch the toe with the finger, but there should be a residual space of one horizontal finger.

The weight

It is perhaps an anatomical factor that is not taken into consideration at the beginning but that is important. Depending on this physical characteristic, more or less damping will be needed, for example. With this, the runner’s shoe reduces the impact forces that are received with each stride on the joints involved in the movement of the race, minimizing possible negative consequences.

The type of tread

In addition to the anatomical shape of the foot, the way it rests on the ground at the moment of stepping is different for each runner. These are classified into neutral, pronator and supinator tread runners and based on this, the sports shoe will have to be chosen.

The surface

When running it is important that there is a correct adaptation to the surface on which you step. That translates above all into the sole that each shoe will wear. You don’t have the same needs if you run in the mountains than on asphalt, and the manufacturers who “dress” each shoe with specific soles and materials know that.

The runner’s shoes

The sneaker industry, like many others, is evolving at breakneck speed, with lighter shoes constantly appearing, using newer materials, and seeming to run on their own. The aesthetics and the “properties” of each of them can make us opt for one or the other, but we must not lose focus and think that what is essential is to cover our needs, yes, without clinging to them for too long. Let them go since they all have expiration dates. The materials from which they are made wear out and after around 500-700 km of use they stop offering us that “protection” and, therefore, it would be convenient to change them.

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