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Why You Can’t Wear Tights Under Jeans

Every winter, closer to Epiphany frosts and February snowstorms, glamorous streetwear outfits give way to an unwillingness to freeze. In order not to chill on the way to the office or meeting place, we choose a “cabbage” style in several layers of clothing, while remaining faithful to the belief that, in addition to T-shirts, sweaters, scarves and fur boots, tights pulled under jeans (or those pants, what you like more).

This is the main mistake, because the pantyhose + pants combination is actually not as effective as it seems, and for the sake of keeping warm, this vicious practice in the winter wardrobe should be abolished.

Layering as a warming strategy has every chance of success – but only when it does not apply to tights made from elastic polyamide. In reality, tights worn under jeans do not breathe and do not warm, since dense, smooth synthetics are not thermally conductive. On the contrary, by preventing the air between the body and jeans from heating up, they only cool down – that is, they provide an effect that is exactly the opposite of what is expected. Convince yourself by experience: put on tights under your jeans, go out into the cold, and you will feel that every step hits your feet with piercing cold.

How, then, to insulate? Here are some alternative solutions that will really save you from the cold and dissuade you from unreasonable trust in tights.

Warm Jeans

The easiest and most obvious option is jeans with insulation, invented specifically for cold winters. They differ from the usual denim density, the presence of fillers or lining – from natural cotton for mild cold weather to dense fleece that retains heat even in extreme frosts.

Thermal Underwear

Special underwear is much more comfortable and warmer than synthetic tights, and, moreover, it does not treacherously slip off the hips when walking. The concept of thermal underwear is based on the use of open fabric structures: the inner surface of the fabric provides an air flow that absorbs sweat, cools during movement and, thanks to its breathable properties, ensures comfortable dry skin.

Uniqlo’s Heattech range of thermal underwear is a great example of thin, warm, breathable, ergonomic and comfortable thermal underwear. Thanks to the innovative material, Heattech tights and leggings are invisible under jeans and provide excellent warmth.

Wool Tights

Tights made of fine wool may not be as elegant as synthetic ones, but, unlike the latter, they are appropriate under jeans in winter, because they really warm thanks to the thermal conductivity and breathability of natural yarn. From the point of view of comfort, the best option is two-layer tights, where the outer layer is woolen and the inner one is cotton.

High Socks or Knee-Highs

For those who are predominantly freezing in their shins, it makes sense to pay attention to warm knee-highs or leggings (knee-highs without “heels”), which contain natural wool. Another trick to keep you warm is double socks. Bottom – cotton, top – woolen, and try to choose those that stretch higher. In the yard – the same virus and the height of winter, which means it’s time to fully activate the program of self-protection against cold and colds. Glamor and lycra tights will wait until spring.

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