Why Are You Beautiful Even Without Makeup?

Why do you actually use it? If not, congratulations, and if you do, give it some serious thought. It irritates me quite a bit, it is no longer just a trend, but a matter of course that a girl wears makeup. From a young age, it’s cool after all.

I remember an incident from elementary school. The girl I’m going to tell you about was only in second grade, so she was eight. She came to school painted like a child – blue shadows and clumsily applied lipstick. The teacher sent her home to wash up. We had a school in the village, so the cleaning lady actually took her home and helped her remove her make-up. Maybe drastic, I know, but I think the teacher was right. However, the girl did not learn her lesson. Now she is in seventh grade, and I sometimes meet her when I go to school by bus. She has a lot of make-up on her face, and a spiral flutters from her eyelashes. Why???

Well, everyone does it! And everyone approves, all moms and dads. It may be funny to read from a seventeen-year-old girl, but I definitely plan to lead my daughter to appreciate natural beauty .

Yes, I also had a period, about a year ago, when I experimented with makeup. I just loved it. The question of why I liked it is more complicated. When you paint yourself for the first time, you are different, like when you radically cut your hair. For the first three days, you are excited about your new hairstyle, but gradually you discover that your hair cannot be put in a braid, so, even though it is impractical, you wear it loose, and gradually you get used to it. The same thing happens with make-up. Even if you don’t really want to paint in the morning, you put on makeup because you and the people around you are already used to it. Once you start, you feel more beautiful and confident with make-up, but when you don’t have it, everything falls apart. It’s easier to like yourself the way you are, then you’re always beautiful and confident.

Other facts why not makeup: it costs a lot of money. Believe me, you’d better spend the ten euros on a train ticket, take a trip to Štrbské pleso with a friend. Cheeks chipped from frost are prettier than artificial ones, and… even those hot chocolate mustaches will attract more eyes than that garish lipstick!

And besides, I believe that a smile is the most beautiful jewelry, you don’t need anything else! I didn’t wear a single bit of make-up on vacation in the summer, why should it spread? And I felt more beautiful and confident than ever before. You know, the phrase You are so beautiful warms my heart more , you always smile when I look at you! like Oh, you have lip color.. .

Don’t do things to blend in with the crowd! On the contrary, be original, different, do your own thing, and show everyone that being different is not bad!

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