Three Hygiene Habits For The Whole Family

The habits of daily personal hygiene play a vital role in our health. Creating them helps us maintain optimal cleaning and hygiene of the skin of our hands and body, and hair. Daily grooming is as important as maintaining a balanced diet or playing sports. The skin’s natural barriers protect us from infections or prevent us from contracting diseases.

Bath time is essential for children since, in addition to relaxing the little ones, it allows them to learn routines to function independently in their cleaning and care. Teaching them hygiene care through games can be a good dynamic for them to understand why proper hygiene of hands, body, and hair is necessary.

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3 Hygiene habits for the whole family

Wash your hands and nails

The first step in maintaining proper personal hygiene habits is washing your hands. Hands are, without a doubt, the primary transmitter of infections, bacteria, or microbes. Just as important are the nails since they accumulate dirt that is difficult to remove without a thorough cleaning. Therefore, take extreme hygiene measures for hands and nails. It is essential to avoid spreading respiratory diseases or any microorganism.

It is essential to teach children to do proper hand washing, but it doesn’t have to be boring; for example, you can wash your hands with them while their favorite song is playing. Playing is the most effective way for the little ones to learn the importance of proper hygiene. During childhood, and especially in schools or parks, children share toys, materials, and spaces with many other children, increasing the probability of contracting diseases, infections, or parasites (such as lice).

After washing your hands, apply moisturizing cream and provide the necessary hydration and nutrition to your hands so that they do not suffer and lose elasticity. Avoid drying out or an outbreak of dermatitis on the skin. However, there is no definitive cure for this skin ailment, and personal hygiene measures relieve itching and the appearance of spontaneous redness or eczema.

Daily shower

The shower is the second step and the most relaxing time. If you prefer a bath, you can turn it into a moment of relaxation by adding scented candles and music to your liking. In addition, with the Dermo Protector shower gel, you will cover the whole family’s needs at an economical price and in an XXL format.

Body hydration is often the most overlooked, so we recommend moisturizing the skin of your body with body lotion at the end of your shower.


The third step in maintaining good personal hygiene habits is hair care. For this, there are two fundamental steps: the first, a correct deep wash to remove dirt from the scalp, and the second, the application of a hair mask that gives us softness and easy detangling without pulling.

With the Derma Protect shampoo and mask, you will achieve complete hygiene for your hair, and that of your whole family since its XXL format and its economical price will allow you to apply high-quality products without sacrificing family savings.

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