This Happens To Your Body If You Eat Two Almonds Every Day

It is always said that nuts are one of the most exciting foods at a nutritional level since they hide great health benefits. One of the most consumed nuts is almonds. But are they as good as they say? What happens if you eat them every day? Is there any contra-indication?

There are still many doubts about these foods, and here you can learn all the details to improve your health at the expense of these delicacies…

Peeled or Shelled Almonds?

Nuts are always better to buy in the shell since this way, the nutritional properties of these nuts are better preserved, especially the fatty acids. The peeled ones are easy to consume but not so healthy.

In addition, some plates also go through roasting processes using vegetable oils, frying, adding salt, etc., so they are not as healthy as natural ones.

Types of Almonds

There are several types of almonds, all of which share the same properties but vary in appearance and flavor. The most common are:

  • Marcona: it is rounded and has a sweeter flavor. It is the variety used for nougat and other Christmas sweets.
  • Large: it is narrower, more extended, and flatter than the Marcona. It is used more to prepare salty snacks and chocolates and sugared almonds.
  • Guara: similar to Marcona in appearance and flavor and is usually used in ice cream, although it can also be eaten fried, roasted, raw or in other appetizers.
  • Comuna: it is lovely and versatile, and due to its high quality, it is usually used for marzipan and other exclusive sweets.
  • Mollar: especially typical in Tarragona. It is more Moorish and similar in appearance to the Marcona. It is lovely and is used to produce almond milk or almond horchatas.
  • Bouquet: it is typical of Murcia and the Alicante coast. Similar to the largest and with a more rigid shell. It is usually used for snacks and appetizers.

Almond properties

Almonds have fantastic nutritional properties, so you should consume 2-5 of these daily to maintain your health. Its content in healthy fatty acids (monounsaturated) stands out especially and its contribution to vitamin E.

They are a source of calcium (more than milk) to strengthen bones, provide quality protein (20g per 100g of product), are low in carbohydrates, and have other minerals such as zinc, iron, manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus, as well as vitamin B2 or riboflavin which is good for eyesight.

Improve Memory

Almonds can be an excellent natural “medicine” to improve your memory, thanks to the properties above. If you are one of those who forget everything easily, you can consume this food in moderation to enhance.

A delicious natural supplement for your brain that will help you preserve your memory in good condition.

Reduce Wrinkles and improve Skin Elasticity

Almonds are rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, so they will also help against aging and protect the skin to maintain a better condition. It also protects against skin infections and fungus.

Of course, the almonds will help prevent wrinkles from appearing, at least as quickly, and keep the skin smoother.

They help against Bad Cholesterol (ldl)

Having healthy fatty acids, or monounsaturated fats, will help fight bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise the levels of good cholesterol (HDL).

If they are eaten with the skin, their fiber content will also contribute to this, and since they are lower in calories than other nuts, they can be the perfect complement.

They improve the appearance of the Hair

Almonds can also help improve the look of your hair, as they are rich in nutrients like vitamin B, vitamin E, protein, and fiber.

These nutrients add shine to your hair and combat dryness, which improves appearance and hair health.

Good for the Microflora

Another of the best properties of almonds is that they increase the intestinal microflora, the good bacteria in the intestine. And that means health.

These bacteria not only influence metabolic activity for nutrient absorption and energy recovery, but they also fight against foreign microorganisms that invade the intestine, thus strengthening your immunity.

They reduce the risk of Heart Disease

Anyone prone to cardiovascular problems or heart disease should consume two almonds a day for their content of antioxidants and healthy fatty acids.

This will help prevent some diseases, maintain good cholesterol levels, and avoid damage that can lead to more severe problems.

Almonds can help Lose Weight

And finally, almonds can also help you lose weight. If they are not abused (10 or more a day is considered too much), they can be helpful to lose those extra kilos.

This is because they have satiating power to consume them before meals. They are also rich in fiber. They provide about 13.5 grams per 100 grams of product, which will help you go to the bathroom better.

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