These Fragrances Drive Women Crazy

Love goes through the nose! Yes, you read that right! Because on the first date, the scent is usually more important than the look.

It is, often unconsciously, one of the most critical selection criteria for women! Because they prefer men who can “smell good” to them.

These scents make women weak

This fall, fresh and woody perfumes set the tone. Perfect, because these fragrance nuances drive women crazy. You should bet on these five new perfumes:

1. Y by Yves Saint Laurent

The new “Y” perfume from Yves Saint Laurent smells fresh and woody. This is mainly due to the notes of bergamot, ginger, and spruce balm!

Woody scents are said to have an aphrodisiac effect because they stand for pure masculinity and, at the same time, have a mysterious effect.

2. Gentleman from Givenchy

The exotic-oriental smell of patchouli also makes men appear mysterious and seductive and exudes pure sensuality! It is included in the new edition of the classic “Gentleman” from 1975. The leather accords in the perfume also look beautifully masculine and tart.

3. L’Envol de Cartier by Cartier

A rather heavy scent for a real guy. The woody, slightly fruity note is created by musk – this fragrance nuance represents seduction and, above all, masculinity like no other.

4. Freeride Collector Limited Edition by Azzaro Wanted

A real collector’s item and perfect for the evening date! Not too pushy, fresh, and masculine. Lemon, ginger, and tonka bean make sure of that.

Pssst: The spicy-sweet scent of the tonka bean has an erotic effect and envelops the wearer of the fragrance with a warm radiance. Women immediately feel secure.

5. Pure XS from Paco Rabanne

Perfect for the cold days: “Pure XS” by Paco Rabanne has a sweet smell of vanilla, which in turn is accompanied by scent nuances such as wood and tobacco. Women like to fall into fragrances with such depth.

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