The Rebellious Tattoo And Fashion

Far from the rebellious image associated with tattooing, fashion has taken hold of this phenomenon. The tattoo culture has taken its place in fashion through the inventiveness of great couturiers, thus tending to democratize this art.

In recent years, initiatives have multiplied between major brands and the tattoo world, such as Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, or Comme des Garçons until the catwalks where models, in turn, have skin. tattooed.

In fact, for a long time marginal, the tattoo is making more and more followers ready to tattoo their wardrobe.

The T-shirt in Tattoo Fashion

Different Techniques of T-shirt Tattoos

Originally underwear, the jersey became a T-shirt has become widely democratized until it ends up in essential basic to be worn at any age!

Available in different colors, almost without limit, they can be printed in different ways, whether through screen printing, DTG (direct to garment), sublimation, and sometimes even embroidery.

Tattooed T-shirts for all Budgets

If branded clothes are sometimes sold at inaccessible prices, today there are many brands that offer less expensive clothes, surfing on tattoo fashion. and offering more accessible collections on this theme.

The T-shirt more than any other turns out to become the ideal textile support making it possible to offer a less affluent clientele the possibility of wearing tattoos elsewhere than on the skin, attracting, in turn, the followers of this art as the uninitiated., eager to wear swimsuits with unique and original patterns.

Possibility to match it to infinity

The tattooed t-shirt goes well with all clothing styles. Practical, always trendy and very elegant, this garment makes it possible to stand out when it sports sumptuous patterns, the result of collaborations between different brands and renowned tattooists from different countries and horizons.

I recently discovered the tattooed clothes of the brand Ink Shirt representing the different currents of this art. Old School, Dot, Neo-Traditional, New School, Tribal, Ornamental, Realistic, Graphic, Minimalist, there is something for everyone. The brand is bringing this previously marginalized, bad-boy culture back to the forefront.

Each creation is unique and these clothes are a great success with those who are tired of the uniformity of fashion and who wish to turn to a nonconformist fashion.

The Tattoo a Legitimate and Sustainable Fashion

This art has thus acquired a relative legitimacy and is spreading in a wider range of society and you will understand it inspires fashion, from luxury to ready-to-wear. Something to satisfy all tastes and all budgets, for those who wish to wear a tattoo elsewhere than on the skin, and who are looking for a personal and conceptual look.

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