Not Just Red! White Wine Is Also Good For The Heart

A recent study coordinated by the University of Milan, would demonstrate how the caffeic acid, contained in white wine, is useful for strengthening the protection of the cardiovascular system.

The Mediterranean diet, famous all over the world and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, includes among the basic ingredients to achieve true well-being a good glass of red wine per meal, indicated by Science as an elixir of life thanks to its high content in resveratrol (a polyphenol present in grapes), to be consumed obviously in moderation. However, these beneficial qualities would also seem to belong to the same drink, in the white version. This is supported by the results of a study published in PLOS ONE, which would confirm the role of cardiovascular protector of white wine.

In the past, studies coordinated by Dr. Alberto Bertelli of the University of Milan (Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health) had suggested how some compounds (Tyrosol and Hydroxytyrosol) present in white wine and common to extra-virgin olive oil could have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, which includes not only the heart and blood vessels, but also the kidney.

The recent publication by the same author in collaboration with the Universities of Turin, Pisa and the Versilia Hospital of Viareggio highlights how a component of white wine, caffeic acid, contributes in an important way to the protection of the cardiovascular system through a mechanism of action involving nitric oxide (Nitric Oxide).

The authors have in fact demonstrated, in vitro and in vivo, how very low doses of this phenolic acid can increase the bioavailability of this molecule with important cardioprotective and nephroprotective effects. It has also been shown that at the gene level, caffeic acid modulates the expression of genes involved in the protection of the cardiovascular system and in the inhibition of programmed cell death.

It should also be emphasized that the doses used are extremely low, such that they can be reached with the consumption of one / two glasses of white wine per day.

These data provide a further explanation for the positive effects of moderate consumption of white wine previously found in the clinic on nephropathic patients and represent an alternative for those who, due to personal tastes or intolerances, do not have the opportunity to consume red wine.

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