How To Make Up With Glasses?

Makeup is part of women’s daily life. Some think they can’t wear makeup while wearing glasses. However, it is possible to adapt your make -up according to the correction of the glasses, the frame and the color. If you are, this article is for you. Discover some tips for successful makeup when you wear glasses.

Make up your eyes according to the type of glasses

The trick to successful makeup is to take into account your ophthalmological problem:

When you are nearsighted , it goes without saying that your eyes will appear small. It will be necessary to bet on an eye makeup that will enlarge your look. To do this, you must essentially bet on light colors that open and enlarge the look.

When you are presbyopic on the other hand , your eyes will already appear large. You don’t need to wear makeup to accentuate your eyes. Dark colors are then ideal. Use black, brown or a gradient. This choice of colors will modulate your look while highlighting your complexion.

You can also opt for mascara, but preferably volumizing and not lengthening, and it must above all be waterproof. This is precisely to avoid the fear of any woman who wears glasses, to prevent mascara from sticking to them and leaving traces. You can also consult a 100% women’s magazine for the choice of your mascara.

Think well-defined eyebrows

For any makeup, it is important that you take care of your eyebrows . They are very noticeable and can challenge any makeup. Even more, if you wear glasses and you are presbyopic. Eyebrows should be well defined and well drawn. Do not hesitate to pluck them to remove the overflowing hairs. You must then choose a color of pencil adapted to that of your eyebrows for a good result. And I insist on this point!

A harmonious complexion

Besides the eyes, you also need to take care of the eye area . Glasses tend to accentuate dark circles, especially magnifying glasses. You should then use a good concealer to hide them well. Preferably, choose a concealer that lasts a long time. Blush is also essential to mark your cheekbones. It will structure the face for a more harmonious result.

And above all, do not hesitate to use concealer to eliminate the not very glamorous trace that the glasses leave on the wings of the nose. Do the same if your frame also leaves marks above your ears. Of course, you must not forget to use a base for applying makeup and then powder and fixer at the end to make it hold as much as possible.

Make up your mouth

The mouth also attracts attention , you need to take care of it. Outline properly before applying your choice of lipstick. You should, however, choose a pencil color that is similar or in the same tone as your rouge color. If you have a fair complexion, consider choosing an orange, raspberry red color. Go for carmine red if you have dark skin. Feel free to emphasize your mouth, especially if your glasses are large.

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