How To Dress A Baby In Winter

Yes, you read well. So much loved layering is less important than material . Stop making “onions” with your children and give them freedom of movement. This is thanks to children’s clothing for the winter, which will be made of materials such as cotton, hemp or wool. Modern artificial materials look good, but have no insulating function. Remember, there is no bad weather, just bad clothes.

Children’s winter clothes are not an art to buy, but…

But the art is to buy it right and then logically combine it. We didn’t completely blame the layering, we just think it has no justification if it’s not done right. In this case, with the right materials. The rules of dressing children in winter differ from their age, physical activity, and finally from the weather itself.

Winter in our region can surprise with hard frost and snow, but also with pleasant temperatures that are more reminiscent of autumn. Therefore, always have a top coat in reserve that you will be able to adapt to the current conditions.

How to dress a newborn or baby in winter?

Not a first-mother would like to answer a question. In principle, children who lie in a pram need an extra layer compared to those who run or walk. When a baby is cold, he has to expend more energy to maintain his body temperature, so he gets tired quickly and is uncomfortable. Excessive heat is not the way to go either, as overheating is as dangerous as hypothermia.

You can find out how your little one really is in the carriage by checking his head. If he is cold, he probably needs more heat, if he sweats, you should undress him. Always choose individual pieces of clothing so that you can add or remove something. WARNING! Catching hands and feet will not help you. Young children do not yet know how to regulate body temperature like adults. Even when he is warm, his limbs may get cold.

What baby clothes will you need for the winter?

  • Points or slippers with long sleeves
  • Pants, t-shirt, sweater (choose thickness and quantity according to temperature)
  • Hat, socks, gloves (don’t forget the insulation and the delicate skin of babies. Knitwear can scratch their heads. Use a double layer of the hat, socks and gloves. Only fine cotton items should go directly on the skin.
  • Overalls (you can omit if you use winter wraps or strollers)

In addition to the right baby clothes and materials, don’t forget the oily face creams.

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Winter clothes for running naughty

Active winter walks are the best you can do for the health of your little ones. Too low temperatures will usually not last more than a few days, so you should not sit at home unnecessarily. If you provide your child with sufficient isolation and motivate him to move, it will certainly not be cold.

As with babies, we dress the children like ourselves, but add an extra layer. It should be easy to undress. Parents are always afraid that their children will be cold, while the opposite is true. Not all children usually stop outside, so they produce enough body heat.

You should deal with:

  • Tank top or long-sleeved cotton t-shirt
  • Stockings and trousers (you can omit these completely if you use warmers)
  • Windbreaker, hat, gloves and scarf

You can replace the scarf with a neckerchief during games. It is safer because the child will not catch its ends anywhere, so you will prevent accidents. You can have an extra T-shirt or sweater in the bag.

Active walks and games will replace one layer of clothing

The number one rule when dressing children is that you have to adapt it to their physical activity . Since you do not want to be afraid of winters or discouraged by the cold, always go out with a specific plan. Take children’s toys, train their endurance and balance thanks to the bouncers. These are extremely suitable for dry and warmer winters, which are becoming more common in our country. If you don’t think the bouncer is interesting enough for children, start “chasing it”. You will see that he will burn as much of his legs, not so fast, enough.

If the snow falls or you go to the mountains, don’t forget to introduce the children to sledges, snow plates or beans. Thanks to them, you can enjoy a lot of fun on the hills. Since we know that children will not be satisfied with anything, we have a tip for you .

If you want to keep them outside longer, come up with a game for the Mountain Service . Every member of the mountain service, including your little one, must pass an exam. This is a sleigh ride, finding the wounded (you can lie in the snow for a few minutes) and a mountain patrol – an added bonus, on this occasion you will explain to the children how to behave on the hill so as not to injure anyone and vice versa. All that remains is to wait until it snows again and provide your mountain ranger with a professional sledge with a metal slide, controls and shock absorbers. But that’s only a fraction of their super-abilities.

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