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How To Achieve A Balanced Diet In Hospitality Establishments: Planning Weekly Menus

One of the main objections that people tend to eat out daily is that it is impossible to maintain a balanced diet.

To avoid this, and up-to-date professional in the hospitality sector must know how to create their menu and menus following the guidelines established by a healthy and varied diet.

Keep reading, and we will show you how to get it.

Weekly menu planning

The key to the diet is variety, so the idea is to modify your daily offer of menus weekly. Based on previous training in dietetics and good nutrition habits, it will not be challenging to achieve this goal.

Menu planning and special diets

Commercial catering demands menus adapted to different situations, ages, groups, allergies, and everything from a balanced diet. When planning a menu, you should consider that it is succulent and that the dishes are complementary. Take into account your clientele if you work in a traditional restaurant or the group you feed, if it is a school, residence, hospital, or other centers with exceptional circumstances, creating specific menus for their needs.

The environmental and cultural factor is also essential. You can play with the location of the premises to try to work with local producers. If it is the case, you could enter the network of kilometer zero dining rooms, which are distinguished by seeking sustainability through the purchase of ingredients from nearby industries, farmers, or ranchers. If you do so, you will include a social factor in your menus, which is always interesting for your reputation. Still, it will also be interesting for the competitive positioning in the consumer’s mind, which tends to look for known references for their day-to-day diet.

Knowing how to compose alternative diets will also give you the power to attract a new audience through planning vegetarian, vegan, or macrobiotic menus. We also advise you to avoid the massive use of fats such as fried foods or industrial sauces in children’s menus, as more and more parents eliminate specific components in their children’s diet.

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Creation of letters and menus

In short, as we talked about in the previous section, once you have in mind the technical parameters about the type of ingredients and the combination of them that must exist in each type of menu, now you are missing the creation part of the menu, designing each of the dishes that will compose them.

It is now when you must take into account the ‘ scandal ‘ of each dish, that is, the quantities of each ingredient to be used and the costs of each one so that the final result adjusts to the total price of the menu that you want to charge (and that for assuming this, be profitable).

To do this, value the gastronomic concept you want to achieve and the balance between dishes, thus composing a set that the consumer perceives as healthy and palatable.

As you can see, impacting the hospitality customer today is not easy. It is not only about offering a set of delicious recipes, but you must maintain the quality and homogeneity of your menus over time. It is best to benchmark and see how your close competition does it to get to this point. This will give you a basis to improve what they do. Suppose you also find yourself a little lost between so much planning and development. In that case, the best thing is that complement your knowledge by taking specific courses for the hospitality and tourism sector to acquire the skills to design menus and plan menus and special diets.

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