How can I prevent a Pimple from Breaking out?

One of the most common worries of us, human beings, is that “ I won’t get a pimple on my face,” especially when we are very young. Our face is our physical business card and we always like to keep it clean, smooth, hydrated and free of anything that makes it ugly. Keep reading and discover how to avoid pimples.

The care that I should take into account so that a pimple does not appear on my face

There are several concerns that I must provide to my skin so that I don’t get a pimple on my face. For that, the first thing we have to take into account is what produces them. They appear when the pores of the skin become clogged. This can be caused by the substances found on its surface combining with dead cells. Also for:

  • Changes at the hormonal level.
  • Using skin and hair products that are greasy.
  • Some drugs.
  • The sweat.
  • Humidity.
  • The foods you eat.

Therefore, it is necessary to carefully review all these points to change the products, medications and certain foods that are causing the presence of grains.

The daily habits that we must acquire to care for our skin

First, let’s start by forming several daily habits to not allow our pores to become clogged, such as:

  • Clean our skin delicately using a soap that does not dry it out. Cleansing your skin should be part of your daily routine. It is important to remove all excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells from your face to avoid clogging pores, which can lead to acne.
  • Foaming Jelly Cleanser is not just a foaming gel cleanser for combination-oily and even acne-prone skin. In addition to deeply cleansing your skin and removing all the excess oil that the skin may produce during the day and night… it acts as a shield against external aggressions such as pollution and urban pollution. And it is prebiotic, favoring our skin’s defenses.
  • Remove all makeup before going to bed with a special product for this that is scientifically proven.
  • We should wash our face after exercising. It is not good to rub our faces many times a day.
  • We must avoid the use of alcohol or other tonics that can dry out our skin. Acnexpert Solution is one of our favorite treatments since, when you try it, you don’t want to stop using it. It is the best compliment a cosmetic product can receive and ours has earned it. It is made to hydrate, care for and combat the imperfections of oily and combination skin (microcomedones, papules, pustules,…) and is ideal for those with an acne tendency.
  • It is important that the cosmetics we are going to purchase are not oil-based. We must be careful with the products we use to keep our skin healthy. All skin is not the same, nor do all organisms react in the same way to a cream, scrub, etc. It is best that we make an appointment with the experts, they will guide us and prescribe what is most appropriate for our skin type.

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What things we should not do when faced with a pimple

Having a pimple on your face is uncomfortable for most, and the priority is to eliminate it. However, it is important:

  • Do not squeeze, scratch, pick or rub the pimple violently. Doing so may cause unwanted marks.
  • We must avoid using bands, caps or hats that constrict us.
  • Let’s avoid touching our faces constantly.
  • Let’s not put on creams or makeup that are greasy.

If the appearance of pimples worsens and turns into acne, let’s go to the dermatologist to be cured with:

  • The prescription of antibiotics, either in pills taken or creams applied directly to the skin.
  • Other creams that have a retinoid in their composition that eliminates them.
  • If acne is caused by hormonal change, the doctor will administer hormonal medications.
  • If the condition is very serious, the intake of isotretinoin pills will be necessary.
  • Carrying out photodynamic therapy.
  • Dermabrasion that is done on the skin using specific chemicals.

The skin is the largest organ in the entire body and what protects us from many things. Let’s give it the necessary care to keep it optimal, soft and without any injuries.

What are the most suitable foods to prevent the appearance of pimples?

A healthy diet will always provide many benefits on a body level, including keeping your skin free of pimples. Green vegetables are essential in this case, if it is within your means, eat them daily. Also add carrots, tomatoes, and guavas to your meals; all three are powerful antioxidants that will be very helpful for your skin.

Drink a sufficient amount of water so that you do not become dehydrated, a minimum of 2 liters daily. Stress can also be a major factor in the appearance of pimples. Organize your work and rest schedules so that you do not experience prolonged periods of stress.

How does having pimples on our face affect us psychologically?

Obviously, having a pimple appear on our face from time to time is not a reason for psychological damage. However, there are people who frequently get pimples on their skin, especially on their face. When this happens, many feel ashamed and this affects:

  • Your level of self-esteem.
  • Your security as a person before others.
  • His sociability. They begin to isolate themselves and stop attending their study activities, work, family and friend gatherings, etc.

This is because these people change their perception of themselves and feel:

  • That they are ugly.
  • Which are not accepted.
  • Frustration.
  • Sadness.

Making decisions that can plunge them into unwanted situations. It is essential to understand that, currently, there are many methods for skin care , which are improving every moment. They help you heal and maintain the health of that sensitive and important organ.

Having a physical appearance within the beauty standards that are used is one of the most sought after objectives for a very high percentage of the world’s population. And that allows many specialists to look for the most effective solutions to achieve this.

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