Exercise During Pregnancy – What Is OK And What, On The Contrary, You Should Not Do?

During the 9 months of pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes enormous changes. However, by exercising, every woman can prepare her body for these changes at least to a certain extent and alleviate the problems that pregnancy brings with it (fatigue, nausea, back pain).

Of course, the most important thing is to get the green light from a doctor, with whom you should consult your physical activity. However, if you feel well and there are no risks, you can safely engage in many activities that you did even before you received the pregnancy book. Of course, with certain exceptions and limitations.

To exercise or not to exercise?

If you have lived an active life until now, there is nothing to worry about. You would probably lack movement, which could have a negative effect on your mood and psyche. And thanks to hormones during pregnancy, she also gets a lot of work, so you need to take care not only of your physical health, but also of your mental health . If you love exercise, don’t give it up even during pregnancy. On the other hand, there are women who, for whatever reasons, are not comfortable exercising with a baby in their belly, regardless of their exercise history. If you feel that way, or don’t feel it, don’t force yourself to exercise. This is really the time to listen to your body. Well, what if you haven’t lived actively yet, but you’d like to start? It is not excluded, but it is better to practice under the supervision of an expert-trainer.

What to exercise?

First of all, everything you do must be enjoyable. If during any movement or exercise you feel doubtful, or if something pulls or hurts you, don’t do it. This is not the time to break records or beat yourself (that will come after giving birth when you need to get back in shape :). Focus on learning to listen to your body. If you are not sure how exactly to exercise, visit group lessons designed specifically for tehuľka . You will become familiar with the exercises and later you can practice them in the comfort of your home.

Fitball or overball are great helpers when exercising during pregnancy . You won’t spoil anything by walking or walking fast, which is a natural and undemanding movement with which (not only) female runners at least partially satisfy their running cravings. Swimming and exercising in the water are also among the favorite activities of expectant mothers and are extremely suitable for relieving stress on the joints. Weight training is also allowed, ideally if you already have experience with it. Adjust the weight of dumbbells and weights to your capabilities and stage of pregnancy. As the weeks go by, the weight you train with should decrease.

Include leg strengthening exercises (e.g. sumo squat) and interscapular muscles in your training. In addition to strengthening, during this period it is more necessary than ever to relax some muscles and parts, as they get more work. Relax the hips, back, chest muscles and in the position on all fours.

Which you’d rather not

Each body can handle a different load, but there are activities that are clearly inappropriate during pregnancy. Of course, this includes contact sports and sports where there is a risk of falling or colliding. So leave skiing and skating for the next season. High-intensity activities that risk overheating the body and anything that causes shocks are also unsuitable. Running, jumping or doing tabata is not recommended. Watch out for rotations, sudden movements or extreme yoga positions. If you don’t want to deal with diastasis (separation of the rectus abdominis muscles) after childbirth, you should also refrain from all exercises for the rectus abdominis muscles.

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