Did You Know That Omega 3s Help You Lose Weight?

Overweight and obesity are, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the fifth main risk factor for death in the world. At least 2.8 million adults die from it each year and are also closely associated with 44% of diabetes, 23% of coronary heart disease, and between 7 and 41% of some types of cancer.

Fat is essential for the vital function of our body: it is a fundamental ingredient for brain tissue and a component of the structure of all cell membranes. It provides us with energy, carefully wraps our organs to protect them, and is involved in such important processes as procreation or the regulation of body temperature.

However, when there is excess fat in the body, things get complicated. Being overweight with a fat percentage of more than 30% in women and 25% in men carries an increased risk of disease, especially chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, some types of cancer, etc;).

That is why it is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle and eat a varied, moderate and balanced diet; that is, a diet that includes different foods from all groups to ensure adequate nutrient intake. No food, no matter how complete, is capable by itself of meeting the nutritional needs of each individual.

Some of the latest research being carried out to combat obesity and the negative consequences it entails, such as research work from the Research Center for Nutritional Physiology and Technology at the University of Adelaide (ATN) Australia; research at the Institute of Physiology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, or the work carried out at the Center for Biomedical Research in Network-Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn), is focused on the beneficial effect of acids Omega 3 fatty acids on reducing weight and body fat.

In several studies it has been shown that increasing the consumption of Omega 3 from 0.3 to 3.0 g / day can improve the composition of our body, reducing weight and body fat in people who are overweight or obese.

Adding Omega-3s to a short weight loss program based on a low-calorie diet and regular moderate exercise can help reduce weight and body fat in people who are overweight or obese.

One of the studies, conducted on 27 women suffering from obesity, evaluated the effect of supplementing a low-calorie diet (2200 Kj / day) with Omega 3 fatty acids (2.8 g / day) compared to placebo (saline solution) and regular moderate exercise to lose weight.

At the end of the 3 weeks that the study lasted, it was observed that the women who combined a diet with an Omega 3 supplement and exercise, presented a greater reduction in body mass index (BMI) and in hip measurement, as well as a weight-loss 1.5 kg more than those who had received placebo.

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