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Conditioner And Mask: Do You Have To Choose, Or Can They Coexist?

Should conditioner and mask be applied in the same wash? Which of the two products goes first? Can they be used every day? We know that many questions arise around this topic. Therefore, we come to the rescue! Today we tell you the main differences between the conditioner and the mask and how you should introduce each of these products into your hair routine. Here we go! Take note of everything and say goodbye to your doubts at once.

Conditioner and mask: your allies for healthy and shiny hair

One of the best sensations when combing your hair is when the comb glides through your hair without any problem. This pleasant sensation would suddenly disappear if it weren’t for hair conditioners and masks, which prevent us from suffering more than one pull trying to remove knots from our hair.

We know that you are clear, but we wanted to remind you that the conditioner and mask are different. They are two products that serve to care for your hair and, although they can be used in a complementary way, they contain other ingredients and textures.

Of course, to show off a healthy, shiny, and spectacular mane, the first thing to do is choose a specific shampoo for your hair type. Afterward, your hair will be ready to complete the routine!

Do you want clean and purified hair for longer? Try our Micellar Organic Care Anti-Pollution Shampoo.

As we mentioned, the conditioner and the mask are products with different functions. Therefore, to achieve an ideal result and make your hair shine like never before, you should alternate and complement them in your washing routine.

The condition is the ideal choice for hair that is not too damaged because it serves mainly to beautify, detangle and rehydrate your hair. In addition, the hair will be much smoother and shinier than if you do not use it.

If you use a good conditioner with a light formula, you can apply it every time you wash your hair. Say goodbye to the myth that conditioner makes your hair greasy or dirty!

On the other hand, the mask is the perfect option for hair that is more damaged due to, for example, coloring. And, the hair mask works from the inside, nourishing the hair fibers. This product usually leaves to act longer, penetrating the hair more deeply and providing deep nutrition because it contains more ingredients with different properties.

Application moment, how are these products used?

The way of applying the mask and the conditioner is quite similar. Its main difference is based on the time of action in your hair that each one has.

You are in the shower, you have already washed your hair with a shampoo adapted to you, and you have just rinsed it off. It is just at that moment, on damp and clean hair, when you should apply either of the two products.

Eye! When applying the mask or conditioner: always from medium to ends, without friction and in the direction of the hair cuticle, you will achieve a great result!

Once applied, comb your hair – be careful that the product does not reach the roots – and let it act while you lather up or leave your mind blank. You know, the conditioner is much faster to conduct, but the mask should be left on your hair a little longer: between 5 and 10 minutes.

When the rigorous time passes, you can rinse the product and, if possible, with warm, cold water to seal the cuticle. Of course, some options will not need rinsing, such as our Radiance Conditioner Leave-In Moisturizing Conditioner from Organic Care, ideal for fine hair, or our Bond Fluid No. 3 Oil & Control Leave-in Mask for loose and shiny hair.

We give you another trick when applying the mask: the praying hand’s method! Apply the product to your hands and rub your palms together. Lightly clasp your hands over sections of hair and slide them down from roots to ends to cover all hair.

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