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Celiac Disease And Gluten-free Foods

We speak more and more often of celiac disease, a disease caused by the intake of foods containing gluten, in predisposed subjects. Learning to know it, and to recognize it, is important to understand which foods to avoid and the right ones to include in your daily diet.

What are Gluten Free foods

Gluten is contained in some types of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled, spelled, kamut® and triticale. Those suffering from celiac disease must therefore avoid all preparations that require the use of these cereals since the body of these subjects has developed a chronic inflammation generated by gluten.

As stated on the portal of the Ministry of Health, on the labels of gluten-free foods, indications must always be gluten-free or with very low gluten content , according to the European Regulation.

Furthermore, it is also important to avoid contamination or risks of unwitting gluten intake. It is therefore necessary to always read the labels, inquire about the preparation of the dishes and if a restaurant has the possibility of preparing non-contaminated dishes.

Celiac diet: what are the supplements

Celiac disease can lead to a lack of certain substances, such as zinc for example. In these cases, some food supplements designed for those suffering from this pathology are of great support, such as those available on the Perfect Body 360 website , a sports supplement and dietary food store. In addition, there are also foods and flours that are naturally gluten-free and therefore also suitable for celiacs. Among the naturally gluten-free flours there is that of rice, corn, spelled or oats.

On the website of the Ministry of Health, we read that on the packaging of a food specifically formulated for celiacs, the indications on the absence of the substance or its very low content can be followed by the words “specifically formulated for celiacs”. In Italy, celiac disease sufferers have the right, through the National Health Service (SSN), to the free supply of some gluten-free food products, up to a maximum spending limit.

Celiac disease: how to recognize it

Celiac disease is not gluten intolerance, which can regress after a period of abstinence, but it is a non-infectious disease caused by several factors, which can be both hereditary and environmental. In fact, there is a greater chance of developing this condition if there are other individuals in our family who already suffer from it.

This toxic reaction results from a chronic autoimmune inflammation present in the small intestine. The consequences of celiac disease are the disappearance of the intestinal villi and damage to the mucosa.

Celiac disease manifests itself with some symptoms of varying degrees. Among the main ones are: wasting and weight loss, diarrhea, ulcers of the oral cavity, joint pain, osteoporosis, constipation, meteorism, intestinal swelling and irritable colon, dermatitis, alopecia, anemia and amenorrhea. Furthermore, in some more serious cases, celiac disease can also lead to the development of intestinal lymphoma. These symptoms appear within minutes of eating gluten-containing foods.

The diagnosis will then be made through blood tests and biopsy. In this way it will be possible to identify some specific antibodies and the state of health of the intestinal villi.

Sometimes celiac disease can be confused with other gastrointestinal problems and not diagnosed with the right timeliness. If you suspect you have celiac disease, it is important to contact your family doctor. Today there are many specialized centers throughout Italy. There is currently no cure, but it is possible to live normally and without problems by strictly adhering to a gluten-free diet.

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