Causes Of Dark Circles And Their Treatment

Dark circles are one of the main reasons why people, both women and men, go to a consultation to try to eliminate them. We give a lot of importance to the look because it influences the perception of a person’s attractiveness and it is the first area we look at when we meet someone.

But what are dark circles? They are a depression that occurs under the lower eyelid and has a dark tone. This causes fatigue in our gaze and can appear due to different factors.

What are the causes of dark circles?

Dark circles are due to various reasons. The main reason is due to a lack of sleep or a situation of physical or mental fatigue, prolonged over time. Due to these situations, the blood vessels in this area of ​​the face dilate and show a bluish color that stands out from the rest of the skin. And since the skin of that place is very thin, the veins are transparent.

Other reasons are: hereditary issues, race, bad habits and circulatory problems, among others.

Types of dark circles

  • Atopic or allergic: this type of dark circles are more evident in the spring season.
  • Hyperpigmented: it is the most common dark circles and is due to an alteration in the production of melanin (skin pigmentation). Its causes include pregnancy, hormones, photoaging and the use of certain medications. The solutions are usually hyaluronic acid treatments, IPL, Carboxytherapy and/or Mesotherapy.
  • With groove: its cause is determined by ligament laxity, redistribution of fatty compartments and bone resorption. The most effective solution in this case is hyaluronic acid (Redensity II).
  • Due to insomnia and stress: this dark circle presents a coloration at certain times of stress, insomnia and exhaustion, caused by poor lymphatic drainage and little rest.

The best treatment for dark circles

A medical diagnosis and a correct clinical history is necessary to find the right dark circles treatment for each patient. One of the most effective treatments is hyaluronic acid, since it allows you to recover the lost volume, fill the dark circles and unify the tone. It is a treatment focused on concealing dark circles and eliminating the look of tired eyes. There is a specific hyaluronic acid treatment for the dark circles area, which is Redensity II, although it is always the doctor who, once the patient has been diagnosed, indicates the appropriate treatment for their case.

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